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Oracle's focus on B2E as a business imperative has clearly had a dramatic impact on the way Oracle works and on the way it manages the business of human resources.
Healthcare is the top sector in B2E app adoption when viewing the data at the regional level.
The B2E offerings include mobile ATMs, complete payroll services, and pay cards (pre-paid debit cards).
With B2E mobile financial services, participants obtain money faster and more conveniently than traditional checks and traditional banks.
The B2E program isn't just a sourcing or procurement tool for the purchasing department; it is a strategic means to help the company gain visibility and control over its spend.
B2E CEO Jose Garcia commented, "There is a big demand in Charlotte for mobile financial services.
PricewaterhouseCoopers has a track record of client success with Netegrity, and their involvement in PwC Consulting's B2E initiative is a natural extension of this relationship.
Under the agreement, B2E will provide 4 mobile ATMs for use by the expected audience of more than 150,000 patrons.
The B2E solution set combines PwC Consulting's recognized consulting, systems integration and IT governance services with proven, industry-leading products and services that address security, identity management, hosting, and a range of business applications necessary to establish a comprehensive portal infrastructure.
Epicentric provides a robust and flexible product, capable of satisfying the two-fold demands of serving enterprise wide portal initiatives, while integrating with other market-leading vendors in the B2E initiative.
B2E blends the personalization and simplification of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) online selling with the support for more complex processes, including guided selling, configuration and distributed order management for B2B environments.
SmartForce , the world's largest e-Learning company, today announced that it will provide the SmartForce e-Learning solution as part of the newly announced B2E ("business-to-extended enterprise") solution set from PwC Consulting(TM), a business of PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Avenue B2E realizes that tooling their employees with a home based PC and Internet access not only offers an excellent perk, but also opens up an invaluable channel for communicating with employees while helping them become more technically savvy.
According to Datamonitor's new report, 'mCRM: why B2C is hype and B2E is the reality .
iXL's B2E service line provides strategic consulting, customization, implementation and development services for workforce optimization.