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commerce conducted electronically (as on the internet)

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The growth of B2B e-commerce has been extensively researched by Internet Retailer, which today releases its 224-page 2015 Guide to B2B E-Commerce, an industry-first research publication that analyzes the numbers and trends driving B2B e-commerce in the U.
based GXS combined eBRIDGE's accounting integration software solutions with the GXS Trading Grid, a global B2B e-commerce platform.
Already we're seeing some of the largest of the European companies such as BMW, Philips, KLM, Swissair, British Telecom and Deutsche Telekom aggressively adopting B2B e-commerce," says Petra Gartzen, principal analyst for GartnerGroup's e-Business Services Europe.
Providing an analysis of India B2B E-Commerce market space as whole.
Analysis of China Online B2B E-commerce Industrial Market
When searching for a B2B e-commerce solutions provider to serve as an extension of our real-time trading network, it became clear that GXS offered excellent performance, value and impact on its customers' businesses.
The Yankee Group defines B2B e-commerce as the entire commerce cycle, from awareness to product research, comparison, selection, supplier sourcing, transactions, fulfillment, and post-sales support.
Once the company provides GXS with a qualified list of trading partners, GXS will conduct outreach to businesses and offer them a range of service options, including Web forms, electronic data interchange (EDI), AS2 and others, enabling them to conduct B2B e-commerce transactions efficiently.
After a thorough competitive RFP process, we chose GXS because it was the best 'all-in-one' solution for business integration and B2B e-commerce efficiency, and met our needs far better than other vendor offerings.
The new e-Auto Hub will provide China's automotive community with a secure and customized B2B e-commerce platform for the entire global trading partner community.
By outsourcing AS2 connectivity to GXS, we are able to conduct B2B e-commerce transactions efficiently, enabling us to concentrate on core business functions, and avoid the high costs associated with in-house installation and management.
GXS' long history, singular focus on B2B, and its range of cost-effective and comprehensive trading partner networking solutions available through the GXS Trading Grid, make GXS IVANS preferred provider of electronic data interchange and B2B e-commerce services," said Maggie O'Hara, group vice president of sales and service at IVANS.
Enterprise customers in Greater China that have recently selected GXS as their B2B e-commerce solutions provider include Asia Pulp and Paper, Bsteel Online Co.
Hbc selected GXS as a preferred B2B e-commerce partner because of the company's reach and its unique end-to-end supply chain automation, visibility and collaborative solutions.
GXS, a leading provider of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce solutions, today announced that Mosaic has selected GXS Managed Services, a comprehensive B2B outsourcing solution, to increase flexibility and automation of its B2B e-commerce transactions.