Bacillus subtilis

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a species of bacillus found in soil and decomposing organic matter

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After two weeks of adaptation feeding, cows were divided into three groups: i) no B.
Compared to the Control group, supplementation of B.
For the SURE system the regulatory components called SpaR (response regulator) and SpaK (membrane sensor) were isolated and placed on the chromosome of a B.
They placed the biocontrol device containing beetles and B.
In 2002, following the success of this offering, additional model organisms were added, including the B.
4-[micro]m polyester membrane trans-well (Corning) until reaching the confluence of monolayer and treated with B.
In the present study, to investigate whether the short-term treatment with LTA-BS or B.
This new Bacillus subtilis Multiplex Secretion Expression System allows rapid development of a library of B.
The green rods in this micrograph are living members of this bacterial species that have killed nearby B.
Effects of pH and temperature on the milk-clotting time for the enzymes obtained from soybean fermented by B.
Using fluorescent tags made with antibodies that can bind to specific proteins, the Oxford investigators looked for a bacterial cytoskeleton in the rod-shaped B.
The scientific literature suggests that any chemistry that controls B.