bacillary dysentery

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an acute infection of the intestine by shigella bacteria


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Reference Sequence and Primer Designing: National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) gene bank was used to search and select the 16S rRNA gene of the selected B.
The sudden emergence in 2010 of an anthrax outbreak in remote villages in Bhutan could be linked to heavy rainfall, which may raise B.
thuringiensis are genetically closely related to B.
The new vaccine will include material from the capsule that normally shields B.
The anthrax HHAs cross-reacted with nontarget bacteria, yielding positive results in the absence of B.
The team's DNA signatures, which range from about 100 bases of DNA to 800 bases of DNA, were derived from the Ames strain of the B.
Additional information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is included on the site, pictured as flow charts for culturing and staining B.
Currently, there has been little or no effort to evaluate the possible recombination between B.
Popovic is the Subject Matter Expert for anthrax, brucellosis, melioidosis, and glanders for the National Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Network and runs the BSL-3 laboratory designed and established to develop expertise in isolation, identification, rapid diagnosis, and molecular subtyping of B.
However, this outbreak was not the first report of death caused by B.
Small, infecting viruses dramatically alter the survival capabilities of B.