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a flexible strip (wood or rubber) used in drawing curved lines

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a thin strip (wood or metal)

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The time domain representation of the multivariate complex B-spline is given by
The top performers were (constantly) Quadratic, Notch, Cubic B-Spline, Hermite, and Triangle.
We use both quadratic and cubic B-splines with maximal smoothness to model the beam and compare the results against Abaqus and Nastran in terms of accuracy per degree-of-freedom.
Isogeometric methods for computational electromagnetics: B-spline and T-spline discretizations, Journal of Computational Physics 257: 1291-1320.
The synthesis of an n-lobe noncircular gear using Bezier and B-spline Nonparametric curves in the design of its displacement law.
Mo, "Tight wavelet frames generated by three symmetric B-spline functions with high vanishing moments," Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, vol.
Stam, "On subdivision schemes generalizing uniform B-spline surfaces of arbitrary degree," Computer Aided Geometric Design, vol.
Afterwards, the LR datasets were superresolved using the B-spline method, the nonlocal method, and the proposed method, respectively.
Keywords: Collocation method, Quartic B-Spline function, Partial integro-differential equation, Weakly singular kernel.
El articulo se estructura de la siguiente manera: en la seccion 2 se describe el problema de la tomografia y, en particular, el de la tomografia local o de region de interes; en la seccion 3 se presentan la notacion y las definiciones de las transformadas utilizadas; en la seccion 4 se hace una descripcion de los antecedentes y metodos utilizados en la reconstruccion de una funcion a partir de la transformada de Radon; en la seccion 5 se definen las transformadas wavelets; en la seccion 6 se hace una introduccion al analisis wavelet que incluye el analisis multirresolucion para determinar las wavelet escalada y madre, y se utilizan wavelets B-spline biortogonales como alternativa para recuperar la transformada de Radon.
In this paper, we reformulate the traditional sweep surface by extending the rational B-spline motion M(v) to a bivariate motion M (u, v), while simplifying the cross-sectional curve C(u) or surface [C.
Holling and Horner introduce the basic B-spline theory, describing approximation methods and algorithms as well as modeling and design techniques.
Another type of windowing functions, known as B-Spline windows, which may be considered as quite similar to the proposed family, has been discussed in the paper [11].
Zaki considered the solitary wave interactions for the MEW equation by Collocation method using quintic B-spline finite elements [4] and obtained the numerical solution of the EW equation by using the least-squares method [5].
i] is the ith B-spline of order 4 (cubic B-spline) constructed on a uniform [S.