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a flexible strip (wood or rubber) used in drawing curved lines

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a thin strip (wood or metal)

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B-spline of order one are step functions defined by
Building a B-Spline Surface from Elevation Data in OpenGL
In order to keep the splines zero-mean, instead of the original exponential B-spline [beta](t), we shall use a real-valued function
In this section the B-spline concept will be extended to two dimensions in order to fit two dimensional scattered data by a surface function.
In above equations, Pi's are the n+1 defining polygon vertices, k is the order of the B-spline and [N.
Ristic, "Efficient fitting of Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline surfaces using non-organized 3D data," SPIE'S.
Hence a second time domain representation of the complex B-spline is given by
Some topics covered include: B-spline surfaces, Box-spline surfaces, convergence and smoothness, evaluation and estimation of surfaces, and shape control.
We used a cubic B-spline at the center of our domain of interest as the right hand side.
In order to reduce the amount of data, the polygonal lines are compressed with B-spline curves.
We estimate the tensor-product B-spline coefficients from values of |B| computed on a grid by a numerical code that numerically solves the Biot-Savart law numerically corresponding to the geometry of the solenoid and current bars that produce the magnetic field.
In the 1990s, CAD/CAM's mathematics advanced to surfaces, utilizing nonuniform rational B-spline (NURBS) technology, which provided support for significantly more complex shapes.
These features include a B-Spline tool, updated artistic media, scalable arrowheads, enhanced Connector and Dimension tools, and the new Segment Dimension tool.