B-scan ultrasonography

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the use of ultrasonography to view structure in the back of the eye

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Results indicate that employees' psychological distress was positively correlated with the B-Scan Supervisor total score (r = .
Since the early 1990s, improvements in B-scan imaging has allowed scientists to sonographically visualize the brain in a 2-D format.
Whether you're a concerned citizen, a neighbor to new construction, or a customer, B-SCAN will make it easier for you to access key information quickly and efficiently.
The B-Scan comprises a 107-point questionnaire which highlights various personality traits and is based on the P-Scan, used to detect criminals with psychopathic tendencies.
The VuPad(TM) combines Sonomed Escalon's superior UBM and newly enhanced B-scan image quality with an ultra-high-resolution screen that has 25% larger viewing area than other portable ultrasound devices.
It specifically evaluates the possibilities of modern high-resolution B-scan and color Doppler ultrasound.
Eye pattern ultrasonography display in A-scan and B-scan modulation and with usage of this technique, can be discovered some eye diseases from normal statue and by also this tool can be studied the structures of eye [6,10].
The B-SCAN system is designed to guide the electronic processing, storage and online retrieval of paper documents associated with construction permit applications.
A presentation will also be held about the proposed Rule 21, E-filing, the B-Scan programs, and the proposed pilot program for the TR-1.
Scan conversion rates of over 3M pixels/sec are achieved for PPI (plan position indicator) and B-scan display formats.
The VuPad(TM) offers A-scan, B-scan, and/or UBM modalities in a sleek, tablet-like package.
Over the past 27 years, Larry Weigel has extensive experience in Advanced Technology management, designing Ultrasonic Inspection Systems including, Ultrasonic B-Scan and specialized inspections in Nuclear Electric Generating Plants.