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a list of names of specially favored people

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The Indie Lounge specializes in attracting A-list celebrities and B-list entertainers, as well as Producers and Directors from around the world.
A B-list track is guaranteed only 17 plays a week while A-List songs are played around 25 times.
This is the golden age of the trashocracy, where the Queen is on the B-List and David Beckham is on the A-list" - Art expert Sir Roy Strong "It felt empowering in a very rude way" - Spooks star Lara Pulver on holding a gun which, she said, gave her a "crazy adrenalin buzz"
New York, Aug 30 (ANI): The cast of the 13th season of 'Dancing With the Stars' has been announced, and it includes a motley crew of B-list actors, famous exes and celebrity progeny.
Mr Rowley added: "Katie Price is a bit of a B-list celebrity who spends half her time courting the paparazzi.
IF THE usual festive cliches of B-list celebrities and cries of "he's behind you" aren't for you, than the Unity Theatre's festive offering is an attractive alter native.
With 2D characters and feeble humour, it's B-list stuff.
Now they have a debut album out, they're on the B-list at Radio One and they're being touted by many as the best live band in Britain.
Mark Schwarzer and Zuberbuhler are the club's only fit keepers as the club's two names on the B-list are also in the treatment room, but the former Swiss international is not registered for the Europa League.
I want to make the most extraordinary feast ever eaten," he said, before introducing his B-list celebrity tea party guests-including Richard Bacon, rather appropriately given the menu's druggy overtones.
Despite my dislike for kick-starting Christmas celebrations too early - something which stems from those local authorities that stick up the lights just because they have a ladder in the area andawilling B-list celeb on hand to flick the switch - I always have an advent calendar ready and waiting for the first day of December.
Moving down to B-list celebs, several reality TV stars were in town this week visiting former "Big Brother" housemate Kail Harbick's businesses in the McKenzie Valley for a launch party to promote "Big Brother 9.
Eric O'Neill (Phillippe) is a young wannabe Fed agent-in-training, busting B-list crime rings until being unexpectedly propelled into the major-league, when an FBI internal investigation team wants him to go undercover to keep dibs on one of their own.
She is in Los Angeles visiting her mother, a B-list actress with A-list aspirations, when she unexpectedly is offered a starring role in Freak Force, a new action-adventure television show about college students whose DNA has merged with animal DNA.
THE DRIVE to sell soft goods means pros no longer even have to skate to be sponsored--provided they have connections to the top boutiques, appear on the right blogs, and hang around with at least one B-list celebrity