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immediately below the A-horizon


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1999) and therefore increase EC and ESP in the B-horizon.
Such reductions in penetration resistance in the deep-ripped soils at both sites reflect greater opportunities for water transmission to depth, despite the fact that the reductions in penetration resistance caused by deep-tipping were not reflected in measurements of dry bulk density or macroporosity at the interface between and A- and B-horizons (data not shown).
Numerous root channels vertically traverse the B-Horizon and protrude into the C-Horizon.
The heavier texture of the B-horizon limited further infiltration and lateral subsurface flow would occur along the A/B interface, which would have allowed for continuing infiltration.
In the same drill hole, the Western B-horizon was intersected at a depth of approximately 130 metres, grading 9.
This anomaly is coincident with a gold, copper, palladium and nickel soil anomaly (in both MMI-processed and conventional B-horizon samples).
As the contrast in the dielectric constant between the 2 adjacent media increases, the intensity of the reflected radar pulse would increase; thus, the character of the B-horizon affects the amplitude of the reflected signal.
At Gatum, 8 locations along a representative toposequence were selected for piezometer installation along the top of the B-horizon in 1987 (Fig.
Conquest's summer exploration programmes comprised detailed geological mapping, stripping and trenching, detailed B-horizon and M MI soil geochemical surveys and data compilation.
ponding of water on top of the B-horizon, even though they did seem to exhibit the normal macromorphological characteristics.
Due to the talus and overburden, it was difficult to obtain a stratigraphic thickness of the two zones, but the B-horizon is up to 10 feet in thickness in one exposure.
A total of 664 soil samples were collected from a reasonably well developed B-Horizon soil profile by Servicios Reliance and submitted to SGS-XRal Labs in Hermosillo for 30 element ICP analysis.
Approximately 1,350 samples of B-horizon soil, weighing 2 kg each, will be collected at 100 metre centres on lines spaced 1 km apart, on Opawica's Enchi-Wiawso license.