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Make sure Dick Vitale has an extra pair of trousers handy this wall-to- wall b-ball weekend.
HoopFest (formerly known as Hoop-De-Do), which last year drew 3,000 B-Ball players to downtown Little Rock and raised $35,000 for Arkansas Easter Seals, had worked with Coca-Cola Bottling of Arkansas for the past two years.
You miss a couple of shots during last week's b-ball tourney, and now your teammate Bree is hinting that you're to blame for the loss.
DETU009 06/06/2000 09:39 r f bc-MI-Roseville-Chrysler (ROSEVILLE) Wheelchair B-Ball All-Stars Challenge Roseville Chrysler Plymouth Employees
Don't be afraid to ask him for a little assistance, like putting in a good word for you the next time he plays b-ball in gym class with your crush.
EVENT: Wheelchair B-Ball All-Stars Challenge Roseville Chrysler
Chatting about class, his b-ball practice or your latest play rehearsal should suffice.
Skip your b-ball practice once to support her at play rehearsal--it's the only way you'll be able to see her for more than a minute.
Users will be able to email the Magic B-Ball to whomever they think can handle it.
You text a bud to see what's up for Friday, but she's going to her BF's b-ball game.
Battle Dome 7 (tied) 1 Hot Wheels Power Loop 1 5 Boppin' Bee 4 3 Fraidy Cats 7 2 B-Ball Jam 6 7 Wild Wooly 5 4 LEGO Freestyle Set 3 9 Big Car Carrier 7 (tied) 10 (tied) Toobers & Zots 8 10 (tied)
Brady, the varsity b-ball captain, thinks you're cute