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a condition of disability resulting from the loss of one or more limbs

a surgical removal of all or part of a limb

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Brock said, "Earlier this year, the VA learned that at one of its medical facilities a B-K Medical transrectal ultrasound transducer used for viewing the prostate, and for performing biopsies of the prostate, had not been cleaned properly, though it had been washed and sterilized.
An extensive network of distributors connects B-K Medical with Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the rest of the world.
The Mini Focus can accommodate a range of B-K Medical transducers.
In 1979, he joined Bruel & Kjaer, the original parent company of B-K Medical, where he eventually headed the Sales & Marketing Group covering the entire Sound & Vibration segment.
The upgrade improves the Viking 2400's excellent performance in vascular scanning, particularly due to improved color Doppler capability and support for B-K Medical's type 8812 vascular transducer.
The 2050 transducer is a revolutionary update of B-K Medical's classic 360(degree) anorectal scanning technology, with a scanning frequency of 6-16 MHz.
B-K Medical A/S, a wholly owned subsidiary of Analogic Corporation (NASDAQ: ALOG), today premiered its new Viking 2400 premium class ultrasound scanner at the Euroson 2003 congress in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The new Hawk 2102 EXL and Falcon 2101 EXL share the benefits of B-K Medical's recent advances in image focusing technique, which create optimal focusing within a wider range of tissue depths without sacrificing frame rate.
After six wonderful years with B-K Medical, the time has come for me to take on new professional challenges," observed Barington, who was appointed Managing Director in November of 1996.
Dynamic Imaging, which produces ultrasound scanners for the veterinary and medical markets, chose B-K Medical's portable Merlin scanner to supplement its own veterinary product line, due to the Merlin's high image quality.
B-K Medical is the first ultrasound company to solve the surgeon's problem of having to keep an eye on several different screens at once.
B-K Medical's Type 8811 transducer combines three critical parameters for scanning the breast and other superficial organs - a wide image field, very high resolution, and excellent penetration.
B-K Medical A/S, a wholly owned subsidiary of Analogic Corporation (NASDAQ: ALOG) and a leading provider of specialized ultrasound solutions, has expanded its capabilities in the 3D technology arena with the licensing of intellectual property rights and the acquisition of production resources for Integrated 3D Imaging Technology from Life Imaging Systems.
B-K Medical A/S, a subsidiary of Analogic Corporation (NASDAQ:ALOG), today announced the construction of a new dedicated facility in Herlev, north of Copenhagen for the manufacture of specialized diagnostic ultrasound equipment.
B-K Medical A/S, a subsidiary of Analogic Corporation (NASDAQ:ALOG), introduces the new Hawk 2102 XDI high-performance general purpose ultrasound scanner with extended diagnostic imaging.