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a woman employed by a bar to act as a companion to men customers


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This critique resonates in a unique way considering that the majority of MZK members on stage were of Puerto Rican descent, with other Latino breakers, one African American b-boy, and one East Asian b-boy.
The Freshest Kids, another recent documentary on b-boy culture, locates the history and early evolution of the form in the black and Puerto Rican communities of the South Bronx.
Dalecki's novel is packed with long descriptions of B-boy battles, detailing every tiny bit of every dance move.
Williams, beauty director of Teen People, writes a sexy boy-meets-girl novel, except this is the very entertaining b-boy meets bourgie working girl variety.
DJ Format, whose cheeky Music for the Mature B-Boy album is one of the coolest records released so far this year, plays The Basement in Derry.
That said, there's no worse sight than a Belfast B-Boy so those in attendance should remember to keep it real - the only hood your ever likely to encounter is the one on the back of your jacket.
Perhaps most responsible for rap's mogul mantra is Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam and the original b-boy executive.
He moves from folky outspokenness on ``Ends'' to b-boy grooves on ``Tired,'' from positive uplift on ``Praise the Lord'' to Seal-ish acoustic rock on ``Today'' and smoothly funky on ``Death Comes Callin'.
Among the vigilantes in Rostock, some imitated New York b-boy outfits; many wore X caps.
The nine principle dancers, who feature prominently in the music video and the Reethym of Lite campaign, include up-and-coming stars of the street dance world including Lil Buck, Haspop, Destini Rogers, B-Boy L.
Meanwhile, today and tomorrow B-Boy practice sessions will be held at Malja from noon.
The film is a comedic, genre-bending explosion of parkour, martial arts, dance and music action, and features the biggest stars from the hip hop and B-boy dance worlds, including leading Hollywood stuntmen William Spencer (SPIDER-MAN; SPIDER-MAN 2) and Caine Sinclair (NBC's Grimm; How I met Your Mother) as The Bellmen.
XTK's "Taekwon Show" takes taekwondo, which originated in the 1940s as a combination of Chinese, Japanese and ancient Korean martial arts, and fuses it with music, B-Boy dancing styles, and slapstick comedy to create an exhilarating hour of impressive entertainment.
But the international aspect of the festival is certainly catered for with the likes of Wanted Posse from France and the b-boy company ILL-Abilities, made up of disabled performers from Canada, the US, Holland and Chile, who challenge the misconceptions about what they are capable of.
The chief rivals on the team are Rooster (recording star Chris Brown) and Do Knock (real b-boy dancer Jon ''Do Knock'' Cruz), and their animosity and hot-dogging makes problems.