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a coastal region at the southeastern corner of the Mediterranean bordering Israel and Egypt

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The Emirates Nationals Development Programme found jobs for 2,037 UAE citizens last year, mostly in retail and banking, according to ENDP director Azzah al-Sharhan.
Parallelism 2, Part A): and Azzah also shall be verie sorowful
I've also produced a more upright version of this as a dining chair which I've called the Hot Seat, plus there's a Moosa table and a low- level Azzah fountain.
Contact: Azzah Jeena, the Partners for Climate Protection Program, [less than]ajeena@fcm.
Azzah, an employee of the Justice Department in Sharjah, said she was shocked when his eight-year-old son came home and told her that his English teacher - a foreigner - used a bad word.
By Azzah Al-Subaie Wrong approach HOW do we find our culture and beliefs reeling from the Fareast to far west, hurtling us from the greatest good to the worst evil.
Army destroys militants' cars loaded with weapons in Aleppo countryside A military source told SANA that scores of militants were killed and injured in Alliramoon, Mrt al-Atrik, al-Mansourah, al-Rashidin, al-Hader, al-is, Minnig, Daret Azzah, Hiritan, Anadan and Al-Ewijeh.
1) Mohd Rizal Muwazir, (2) Noradilah Abdul Hadi, (3) Zaini Nasohah, (4) Nor Azzah Kamri, (5) Azian Madun, (6) Kamaruzaman Noordin, (7) Suhaili Sarif, (8) Muhammed Yusof
The concluding ceremony included the forum speech given by Azzah bint Mohammed al-Aysariya, Head of Women Counseling department in which she said that the 2nd forum entitled "Work Perfection to Please God" calls for perfection in work and what it requires of excellence and progress.
Ahmad Al' Azzah is a Palestinian Muslim who has lived his entire life in the Azzah refugee camp in Bethlehem.
The Chamber's strategy for the development of women in the workplace was recognised and confirmed as successful when the Executive Director of the Human Resources Department at Dubai Chamber, Azzah Al-Sharhan, won the HR Director of the year 2008 award during the GCC HR Excellence Award ceremony held in Dubai in June this year," Buamim added.
Azzah Al Sharhan, Executive Director of Human Resources at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that employees should be given priority in any restructuring and should enjoy their benefits to enable the organisation to overcome any economic difficulty.
Dr Azzah Mohammed Al Jumaie at the University Hospital Sharjah.
Its human resources executive director Azzah Al Sharhan, received the HR Director of the year 2008 award at the GCC HR Excellence Award.
The appointees are Azzah Al Sharhan and Leena Al Abbas.