azygos vein

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one of a system of veins that drain the thoracic and abdominal walls

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The lymphadenpathy was more subtle than the sarcoid case above, but can be confidently called because of the adjacent azygos vein and aortic enhancement.
In the chest there are numerous lympho-venous connections between the azygos veins and the thoracic duct (3).
Nonetheless, during the procedure Dake increased the level of Zahn's sedation until he was essentially unconscious, and then turned the planned 30-minute diagnostic venogram into a five-hour surgery, placing five stents in Zahn's jugular and azygos veins.
Jugular and azygos veins were evaluated with selective venography (imaging of veins after injection with a contrast dye) and intravascular ultrasound (a special imaging process that allows the physician to see from inside the blood vessels).
In a retrospective study, 231 MS patients (age range, 25 to 70 years old; 147 women, 84 men) underwent this endovascular treatment of the internal jugular and azygos veins with or without placement of a stent (a tiny mesh tube).