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a member of the Nahuatl people who established an empire in Mexico that was overthrown by Cortes in 1519

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Any student of early Spanish history or Aztec history must take a look at AZTECS & CONQUISTADORES: THE SPANISH INVASION & THE COLLAPSE OF THE AZTEC EMPIRE, which surveys the impact the Spanish conquests had on world history.
Thus, although there is no question that the Aztecs and their culture are deeply fascinating, there is also no doubt that the destruction of the Aztec Empire was morally justified.
Notable projects include: 300 Madison, New York, NY, 330 Jay Street Courthouse, Brooklyn, NY, Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle, New York, NY and the Aztec Empire Exhibit at the Solomon R.
His story dates back to a decade after the conquistador Hernando Cortez defeated the mighty Aztec Empire.
Students will find a wealth of information here, on topics ranging from Cleopatra to African oral traditions to Roman deities to the expansion of the Aztec empire.
With the conquest of the Aztec Empire twenty years later, the Spanish realized the true value of cacao in the region.
Engaging features provide background and visitor tips to landmarks dating back to the Aztec empire.
Disney's latest feature length animation extravaganza is set in the Aztec empire but plays it for laughs.
In it she says, "Among our oldest and most famous dishes of genuine Mexican origin is mole de guajolote, known in the days of the Aztec empire before the Conquest.
Forest Lawn-Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills will offer students and the public a series of story-telling events on Mexico's pre-Columbian past, the last days of the Aztec empire and Cinco de Mayo.
Conquest (1993), Hugh Thomas's magisterial account of the destruction of the Aztec Empire, shows precisely how far a society could advance without wheels, nails, or candles.
Imagine going back in a time machine to the ancient Aztec empire where a high priest is about to rip the heart out of a sacrificial victim.
In 1521, Spaniards led by Hernan Cortes defeated Mexico's Aztec empire, and in 1544 Spain took control of the Maya-occupied Yucatan.
Examining the mass burial and cryptic codices through the prism of modern forensic anthropology, Aztec Massacre offers a frightening new perspective on the conflict between the Conquistadors and the Aztec Empire.