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a bay of the Black Sea between Russia and the Ukraine

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These forces were thus creating a land link between Russia and Crimea to give Russia direct control over the entire Azov Sea and its oil or other minerals.
Until this week, the area along the Azov Sea had escaped the fighting that has gripped areas farther north since April.
If so, that could also give the rebels or Russia control over the entire Azov Sea and any oil or mineral riches it contains.
The reported incursion and shelling could indicate an attempt to move on Mariupol, a big port on the Azov Sea, an arm of the Black Sea.
If we consider Lower Don as huge latitudinal natural-landscape axis of Rostov Region connecting the mirrors of Taganrog Gulf of Azov sea and Tsimlyansk water reservoir it is easy to notice that it is accompanied all the time by north and south urban belts.
The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has allowed Rosneft (ROSN RX - Hold) to buy 100% of two companies which own exploration licenses in the Black and Azov Sea in southern Russia, and the Barents Sea in the Arctic Ocean.
The greatest wind energy potential is located in the vast areas adjacent to the Black Sea and the Azov Sea, as well as the Carpathian, Transcarpathian and Lower Carpathian areas," the EBRD report read.
In spite of what the government says, the Ukrainian customs service is carrying out de facto curbs on exports by holding up shipments in Black Sea and Azov Sea ports.
The same storm in the Black Sea and Azov Sea also sank four freighters, three carrying sulphur and one with a cargo of scrap metal.
At least three crewmen were killed when a Bulgarian ship carrying scrap metal sank during a storm on the Azov Sea between Ukraine and Russia.
The review resulted in recommendations for Black Sea and Azov Sea sturgeon populations, including substantial reductions in export quotas, and a three-stage plan of action for Caspian Sea stocks.
The vast Russian spaces are not so much a background to Chekhov's greatest plays and short stories: they are a condition for their possibility, and this immense significance can be traced to Chekhov's earliest surroundings, his native town of Taganrog, a port on the Azov sea, and a town characterised on the one hand by oriental calm and immutability, on the other by the influence of Western capitalism via the merchant classes to which his father, Pavel, belonged.
The underlying fear seems to be that Russia wants to continue negotiations on the delimitation of the Kerch Strait (which Russian ships have to pay Ukraine a sum believed to be in the order of some $200 million a year to navigate) and adjoining Azov Sea on the basis of Russian ownership of Tuzla island.
Such is the world of Anatoli Gavrilov, born in 1946, in Mariupol, on the Azov Sea, for forty years (1948-1989) called Zhdanov, in memory of Andrei Zhdanov (1896 - 1948), one of Stalin's henchmen.
In the early 1980s, the North American comb jellyfish rode a freighter into the Azov Sea, a semi-enclosed body of water in the northern Black Sea.