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islands in the Atlantic Ocean belonging to Portugal

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Additional samples from the Azores Islands (N=8) and Barbados (N=5) collected in 1998 were obtained from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources; these samples included fin clips or heart tissue stored in a Sarkosyl-urea solution (1% Sarkosyl, 6 M urea, 100 mM Tris at pH 6.
I'd go to the Azores islands and catch a grander Atlantic blue marlin.
FAMILIES looking for a change from the usual "fly and flop" holidays should check out the Azores islands.
In the six-part series, Antur y Gorllewin, his voyage will lead viewers from the Azores Islands to Iceland and will visit Portugal, Spain, France, Brittany, the Channel Islands, Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland's west coast, the Orkney Islands, and the Faroe Islands.
Veteran sailors Mike and Barbara Arnold, from Devon, and friends David and Angela Johnson, from the Midlands, were hit by a storm in the Atlantic as they sailed home from the Azores islands.
Eurocontrol says trans-Atlantic flights will continue to be diverted northward over Greenland to avoid the cloud stretching from Iceland to the Azores Islands.
A flash flood in Portugal's mid-Atlantic Azores islands swept a school bus off a road and the driver and a child are missing.
In Portugal's Azores islands, a flash flood swept a school bus off a road.
According to a report in National Geographic News, the microbes were found on the walls of lava tubes in Hawaii, New Mexico, and the Portuguese Azores islands, a volcanic archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean.
A Thomsonfly flight from Cancun in Mexico to Birmingham was forced to divert to Portugal's Azores Islands on Tuesday.
A PLANE flying from Mexico to Birmingham had to divert to Portugal's mid-Atlantic Azores Islands after a British couple fell seriously ill during the flight, and the woman later died.
of Sheffield) examines the theme of emigration in Portuguese literature, taking the Azores Islands as a case study and concentrating mostly on literature produced there since the beginning of the 20th century.
His service placed him patrolling the eastern coastline of the US and later helping to establish an air base on the Azores Islands.