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islands in the Atlantic Ocean belonging to Portugal

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He gave grandfather fifty an acre for it on long time, an' here am I, workin' for the telephone company an' putting' in a telephone for old Silva's cousin from the Azores that can't speak American yet.
Saxon talked with the lineman, following him about, till one o'clock, when he looked at his watch, said good bye, and returned to his task of putting in a telephone for the latest immigrant from the Azores.
Contract award: public procurement contract for the supply of medicines to health units of the azores.
The Portuguese-registered Azores, a 550-berth ocean liner, boasts some classic features missing from modern ships, such as a walk-around promenade deck.
Portugal& Spain Cruise From Bristol on board MV Azores Departs 19 April 2015 This wonderful, springtime cruise south to the sun, in addition to British outpost Gibraltar, features a quintet of fascinating Portuguese and Spanish ports of call, with the highlight the overnight stay in historic Cadiz, from where there's the chance, on a shore excursion, to visit majestic flamenco city Seville, bursting with life at Feria time.
From Bristol on board MV Azores Departs 17 May 2015 This wonderful cruise from Bristol, explores some of the stunning remote islands off our northern shores, including the Faroes, Hebrides, Shetland and the historic Orkney capital, with opportunities in each to discover some splendid scenery.
Departs Apr 2015 This wonderful voyage from Bristol takes in the glories of Western Norway, and includes visits to the magnificent fjords clothed in all their springtime glory, as well as the ancient Hanseatic trading city of Bergen, on this very special cruise onboard Azores.
Sailing from Liverpool on MV Azores Departs 30 July 2015 This summertime voyage from Liverpool brings the chance not only to visit and circumnavigate the stunning land of fire and ice and its wonderful, fascinating capital Reykjavik, but also to make a rare call at the beautiful, remote outposts of the Outer Hebrides and Faroe Islands Price includes?
A fellow traveller had been in the Azores for four days and this was already her fifth whale-sighting trip.
Hopefully that will increase in future, as the Azores deserve a lot more attention, especially as you get a lot for your euro.
We were scaling new heights at the Climbing School of Ferraria in the Azores - a group of nine volcanic islands 1,360 miles west of Portugal in the North Atlantic and with a mild climate of 16degC in winter and 25degC in summer.
Travel Business Review-July 30, 2014--CMV launches Azores cruise to West Indies this winter
11 ( ANI ): Researchers have discovered rare Hochstetter's butterfly orchid on volcanic ridge on island in Azores, 175 years after they were first found.
A huge pyramid had been discovered off the Azores islands by Portuguese amateur sailor Diocletian Silva.