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islands in the Atlantic Ocean belonging to Portugal

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The first of the scores is an engraved vocal score of Zimire ei Azor by Louis Spohr, published in Lille by a relatively unknown publisher: Bohem.
Azor Shams, a 35-year-old Pakistani property dealer in Dubai, said: "I think this will create movement in the market and build investor confidence.
The service was launched recently with King of Shaves* running a blogger relations campaign asking 100 top bloggers to test its new Azor razor.
Bank Hapoalim is also likely to transfer its call centre, which is now located at Azor, to the new back office centre.
Willow Towers is a 126-unit assisted living residence; a 270-bed nursing home; the 135-unit low-savings apartments for seniors; a long-term home health care program; and the Azor Home Health Agency.
Adverse events were comparable in those on the combination treatment and those on the corresponding doses of the two components of Azor and placebo, according to the label.
Hanna Hickman plays Egle, Jake Pippin is Azor, Jessica Graff is Adine, and Craig Lamm is Mesrin.
Alienware has had an extensive track record of systems that utilize NVIDIA SLI technology, so it made perfect sense to arm our powerful new Intel Core 2 Duo-based systems, including the Area-51 ALX and Area-51 7500, with NVIDIA SLI," said Frank Azor, senior vice president and general manager of Alienware's Worldwide Product Group, a manufacturer of high-performance desktop PCs in the U.
In Gretry's rarely performed Zemir et Azor (Beauty and the Beast), Montrealers Andre Barbe (designer) and Renaud Doucet (director) demonstrated their whimsical exuberance, which included an enchanting "bird" ballet.
The appeal of the Alienware DHS 5-Series media center systems extends to a wide spectrum of individuals," said Frank Azor, senior vice president, Alienware Worldwide Product Group.
Alienware has consistently demonstrated that with a focus on excellence, innovation and best-in-class service, it is successful at responding to market demand by delivering superior computer products," said Frank Azor, senior vice president, Alienware Worldwide Product Group.
The combination of our extreme gaming system and the power of AMD64 technology means that PC users can have mind-blowing performance wherever they go," said Frank Azor, senior vice president, Alienware Worldwide Product Group.
Among the recipients are Marcia Donovan-Demers, a mother of tour children who attends Honolulu Community College and aspires to be a pharmacist: Angela A Azor, a teenager from Haiti who dreams of becoming a pediatrician for poor children: and Raul M.