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a genus of fern sometimes placed in its own family Azollaceae

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The weevils are an effective natural means of tackling Azolla and are at their most active at this time of year.
Azolla captures and processes nitrogen from the air with the help of bacteria that live on it, and further study may let scientists engineer that trick into crop plants, reducing the need for fertilizer, she says.
The aquatic plants selected for phytoremediation viz Azolla pinnata and Lemna minor were collected freshly from natural pond at Horticulture Research Station Ganesh Khind, Pune, and brought to the laboratory in plastic bags along with water.
Nitrogen fixing shrubs such as Sesbania, legumes, or Azolla Anabaena (the water fern) may be used as off-season crops to accumulate nitrogen in soils for its eventual use by grain crops.
Megafossils are commonly spectacularly well preserved as compressions featuring colour patterns on insects' wings, exquisite whole flowers of Florissantia, and delicate ferns like the floating Azolla (Fig.
3 Treatment of cereal Ruminants straws 4 Urea -molasses block Ruminants licks (UMBL) 5 Oil palm by-products Ruminant and non- ruminants 6 Maize and sorghum Large ruminants stovers 7 Sugarcane by-products Ruminants 8 Sugar palm juice Pigs 9 Azolla (Azolla Fish and non- microphylla) ruminants 10 Sweet potato roots Roots and vines-- and vines pigs Vines-- (Ipomoea batatas) to ruminants 11 Poultry litter Beef cattle 12 Spent tea leaves Cattle No.
Effects of chromium (VI) and humic substances on elected physiological responses of Azolla caroliniana.
2]) fixation: mediated by Rhizobium and Bradyrhizobium associated with legumes and Frankia, Nostoc and Azolla associated wuth non legume; (iii) the free-living nitrogen fixers, the rhizosphere nitrogen fixing Azotobacter, Azospirillum and Bacillus, free-living nitrogen fixing Cyanobacteria and Clostridium; and (iv) denitrification, the conversion of nitrate to gaseous nitrogen mediated by facultative heterotrophic bacteria.
Chemical constituents of aquatic fern Azolla nilotica.
water meal), Azolla caroliniana (eastern mosquito fern), Limnobium spongia (frog's bit), and Hydrocotyle ranunculoides (floating pennywort).
halli X Panicum hians X Paspalum dilatatum X Paspalum floridanum X Phalaris caroliniana X Setaria geniculata X Setaria parviflora X Setaria reverchonii X Sorghum halpense X Sporobolus 1 X Tridens flavus X X Tripsacum dactyloides X X Ferns Azollaceae (water ferns) Azolla carolianiana X X Table 3--Mean (6 SD) abundance of forbs in each transect at Cowleech Prairie Preserve, Hunt County, Texas, autumn 2003.
The degradiation of hemicellulose contents of coirwaste by using phloromodium sp, oscillatoria sp andanabaena azolla sp were found in between 40 days to 60 days.
Poaceae Clark Makino Floyd Asclepias viridis Walter (SE) Asclepiadaceae Clark Azolla caroliniana Willd.
THE azolla plant is originally from the USA but now grows on the surface of ponds in the UK.