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the azimuth of a celestial body is the angle between the vertical plane containing it and the plane of the meridian


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3] is the azimuthal angle in the reflected field, [J.
2] [empty set]) - l]/2, where [empty set] is the azimuthal angle, defined with respect to the flow direction [39].
2a) were interrogated; macros were programed to execute the necessary sample manipulations for the incident and azimuthal angle scans required to determine the surface orientation direction and corresponding surface order parameter, S, at each position.
The Standard however does not specify length measurement system tests at any azimuthal angle other than 0[degrees], 90[degrees], 180[degrees] and 270[degrees].
A sequence of radial scans at a series of azimuthal angles [phi] (-90[degrees] to 90[degrees], equator being 0) were obtained from GADDS software by integrating the data points by Bragg angle (2[theta]) in the range of 5-30[degrees], step wise of 0.
There will be a deflection angle, [theta] [member of] [0, [pi]), and an azimuthal angle, [psi] [member of] [0, 2[pi]> to be sampled statistically.
Therefore, in azimuthal scans of the amorphous and the crystalline peak areas, the peak areas of the amorphous and the crystalline chains dependent on the azimuthal angle correspond to the oriented fractions of the amorphous and the crystalline chains, while the peak areas independent on the azimuthal angle should correspond to the unoriented ones.
The octagonal arrangement of the eight detector segments gives nearly full coverage of the 2[pi] of azimuthal angle around the beam.
To observe clear changes in the orientation of the bubble, the WAXD patterns were analyzed for changes in the diffracted intensities with respect to the azimuthal angle along the axial distance of the film line.
Note that in this expression ' denotes the azimuthal angle whose range of definition is the interval (-[infinity] [infinity]).
The degree and direction of orientation at any particular location may be quantified using a second moment tensor analysis of an azimuthal intensity scan, I([beta]), extracted from a 2D WAXS pattern ([beta] is the azimuthal angle measured from the primary filling direction, see the overlay in Fig.