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the azimuth of a celestial body is the angle between the vertical plane containing it and the plane of the meridian


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42[degrees] (300)[beta] reflections as a function of azimuthal angle [phi] of different [beta]-iPP samples.
t] denotes the azimuthal angle of the reciprocal transmitter, which is equal to a receiver's azimuthal angle [[phi].
0] sin [theta], which means, azimuthal angle [phi] does not change the maximal radiation polar angle [theta].
They are assumed to depend on the azimuthal angle [psi] and time t as follows: ~ f (r) exp(imp[psi] - iwt).
The primary beam was formed by a slit monochromator (M) (with triple reflection 004 Ge and directed to the investigated specimen either from the side of the polar (110) or non-polar face (1-10) by selecting the azimuthal angle [phi].
The error increases farther away from the tracker and may drop to zero depending on the azimuthal angle.
In the best possible case, for an azimuthal angle of incidence of 90[degree] off the longitudinal axis of the animal, the ITD was measured with probe microphones to be 1.
A +45 [degrees] azimuthal angle change in the cathode orientation results in a +90 [degrees] change in the azimuthal angle of the reflected beam.
And [phi] represents the azimuthal angle and z represents the central axis and is the same as the Cartesian z axis.
summation]] ([phi])) of the antenna current as functions of the azimuthal angle [phi] for a = 0.
The spherical coordinate system is defined as (r, [theta], [phi]) where r is the distance from the observation point to origin, [theta] is the elevation angle and [phi] is the azimuthal angle.
Other patch shapes may be considered but the triangular shape is that with the highest symmetry leading to the smallest azimuthal angle dependence, further it and the square array are the two highest symmetry states with complete Babinet self-complementarity.
There will be a deflection angle, [theta] [member of] [0, [pi]), and an azimuthal angle, [psi] [member of] [0, 2[pi]> to be sampled statistically.
Herein, an incident direction to the target is given by an unit vector determined by its inclination angle [theta] and azimuthal angle [phi] in a spherical coordinate system (Figure 1).