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a chemical compound containing the azido group combined with an element or radical

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Another advantage in developing adhesives is that the remarkable reactivity involved ensures that any two azides and alkynes can be bound together.
In the present work, compound naphthaquinone diazide (2), which is required as starting material was obtained in an one-pot reaction by condensing dichloronaphthoquinone (1) with sodium azide in the presence of methanol.
Sodium azide can also react with metals such as copper or lead form explosive copper or lead azides.
I know that there have been serious explosions in industries Including the airbag industry) that use metal azides.
Novakup is a family of surface-modified particulate silica reinforcements, which can be treated with silanes, titanates, suffonyl azides, or glass resins.
The number of articles on organic azides continues to increase tremendously; on average, there are more than 1000 new publications a year.
Among the 73 classes of compounds he considers are azides, peroxides, carbonates, opiates, steroids, and statins.