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an ethnic group living in Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijani people constantly rebelled against the Mongolians.
17-Item CETSCALE(a) Item Reliability(b) Azerbaijani people should always buy Azerbaijan-made products instead of imports 0.
The "Empathy Program" will include 3D shows and music representing the genocide of Turkish and Azerbaijani people by Armenians, said Rashad Abdullayev, the chairman of INDEX - Center for Human Capital Development of Azerbaijan.
The Azerbaijani people demand from the European Union to show the same level of support for Azerbaijan, the 20% territory which is under occupation for over 23 years, as it has for Ukraine today," Suleymanov wrote.
For many Azerbaijani people, micro businesses form a significant part of household income.
Dubbed "The Day of Solidarity of Azerbaijanis of the world," it symbolizes the unity and cohesion of the Azerbaijani people and national sympathy and loyalty to their motherland.
The Kyrgyz side welcomed the initiative of the Azerbaijani side to create a park named after national leader of Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev in Bishkek and expressed readiness to render assistance.
The minister said Turkish businessmen should go to Azerbaijan without a visa, just as Azerbaijani people who were visiting Turkey without a visa, and expressed belief that the issue would be solved soon.
As a result of a deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing, genocide and deportation of Azerbaijanis, pursued in the last two centuries by Armenian nationalists and their supporters, Azerbaijani people faced severe challenges.
Lambsdorff and his ALDE colleagues really want to ensure human rights and fundamental freedoms, then why don't they raise questions about the restoration of violated human rights of the hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijani people as a consequence of Armenian occupation?
Ilham Heydar oglu, I wish You and friendly Azerbaijani people happiness, success and prosperity .
However, I would like to make it clear that we would also defend rights of Azerbaijani people, our friends, sisters and brothers," Erdogan said.
In the Soviet period Soviet Azerbaijan which has a population of 7 million people at home had 25 million Azerbaijani people on the territory of Iran.
KHOJALY PROTESTED IN NEW YORK: A protest was held by a large group of Turkish and Azerbaijani people in New York on the 23rd anniversary of tragic Khojaly massacre which was committed by Armenian armed forces in On February 25-26, 1992.
Four hundred and ten thousand people of Nakhchivan, 450,000 people of six other regions, and almost 1,000,000 Azerbaijani people - totally 1,850,000 Azerbaijani citizens - live under difficult social and economic conditions," he said, due to Armenian occupation.