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Constitutional Act "About the State Independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan'" was adopted at the session of the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijani Republic on Oct.
The Security Council expressed its grave concern at the displacement of large numbers of civilians in the Azerbaijani Republic [.
Baharivand, told the Fars news agency the export of electricity would be stopped and the importation of electricity from Armenia and the Azerbaijani Republic would begin.
During the last decade, there has been a renewed strengthening of Persian nationalism, paralleled by a wave of emancipation efforts by a younger generation of Iranian Azerbaijanis who have more intensely identified with their "Turkic brethren" in both the Azerbaijani Republic and Turkey.
The head of the foreign investment department of the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijani Republic (SOCAR), Valeh Alasgarov, and the vice president of BP Azerbaijan for exports of hydrocarbons, Michael Townsend, attended the talks.
INTERNATIONAL DOG FESTIVAL: "International Dog Festival" which is being held in the capital city of Azerbaijani Republic does witness colorful scenes as more than 150 dogs are participating across the world but mostly from old Soviet countries.
Azerbaijani Embassy in London organized a program to celebrate the foundation of Azerbaijani Republic.