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Building upon Agawa's original report, published in English in 1979, about an encounter on 5 December (Hawaii time), Gannon contends that the most likely candidates for an interception were the Soviet tanker Azerbaidzhan, as suggested by Stinnett, as well as the freighter Uzbekistan, a newcomer to the controversy.
Three Soviet ships have been suggested for a potential encounter with the lapanese: Uritskii, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaidzhan.
12 knots) and Azerbaidzhan (6,114 tons [,] less than 10 knots).
19) It is clear now that Layton and Slackman, in advancing the case for Uritskii intercepting the Japanese, and that Stinnett, in refuting that contention, were in fact chasing a red herring--it was not Uritskii but Uzbekistan, along with Azerbaidzhan, that the Japanese were worried about.
The four ships that sailed in this interval were Uritskii, Azerbaidzhan, Uzbekistan--all mentioned previously--and the timber carrier Clara Zetkin.
The former sailed from San Francisco on 12 November, heading to Vladivostok, and Azerbaidzhan followed two days later for the same destination.
Beria was very fortunate in that he caught the eye of several leading members of the Azerbaidzhan Communist Party in the early 1920s who were to become part of Stalin's inner circle.
The company has representative offices in Russia -- eight cities spreading from Saint Petersburg and Krasnodar to Vladivostok -- in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaidzhan, and is realizing projects in Pakistan, Armenia Georgia, Tadzhikistan and Uzbekistan.