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an alphabet derived from the Greek alphabet and used for writing Slavic languages (Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Ukrainian, and some other Slavic languages)

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Created by Richard Dawson and Dave Farey, the Azbuka family, along with the previously announced Egyptian Slate[TM] family from Rod McDonald, are the latest exclusive members of Monotype Imaging's collection from the Monotype foundry.
Azbuka and Egyptian Slate are trademarks of Monotype Imaging Inc.
Sorreta visited the headquarters of Azbuka Vkusa on August 04 to present a taste of the Philippines potential contribution to a growing Russian market and met with Ms.
Berko said that Azbuka Vkusa is very interested in exploring cooperation with Philippine companies that are ready to bring their products to Russia.
A critical look (in English) at the writing career of Sofia Andreevna Tolstaya, followed by the reproduction (in Russian) of her major literary works, presented for the first time in a single volume: Natasha, her contributions to Tolstoy's Novaja azbuka [A new primer], Kukolkis-kelettsy i drugie rasskazy [The skeleton-dolls and other stories], Babushkin klad: predanie [Grandmother's treasure-trove: a fable], Chja vina: novella [Who is to blame?
Now thanks to Sberbank you can pay for purchases in Azbuka Vkusa supermarket by putting your finger on a special POS terminal with an imbedded biometric scanner.
Besides Tolstoy's customarily marvelous and evocative fictional descriptions of people striving to educate themselves that continue all the way from Childhood to "Filipok" in the Azbuka and through his version of "Where Love Is, There God Is Also" to "Alysoha the Pot," Tolstoy doesn't really have much interesting to say about education.
26) Mikhail Gasparov, 'Sonety Shekspira-perevody Marshaka', O russkoi poezii (St Petersburg: Azbuka, 2001), p.
The operator has integrated with the Azbuka Svyazi telecommunications retail chain for introducing this offer.