Cyrillic alphabet

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an alphabet derived from the Greek alphabet and used for writing Slavic languages (Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Ukrainian, and some other Slavic languages)

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Open space area where people were given a chance to learn and play with iBooks presented by Azbuka and not yet released Galaxy Tab provided by Samsung.
Soon, the company had its first Russian order, from quality supermarket chain Azbuka Vkusa, with more than 30 stores in cities including Moscow and St Petersburg.
Created by Richard Dawson and Dave Farey, the Azbuka family, along with the previously announced Egyptian Slate[TM] family from Rod McDonald, are the latest exclusive members of Monotype Imaging's collection from the Monotype foundry.
BrandLoyalty's current 18-week loyalty promotion with Russia's Azbuka Vkusa, a leader in the premium food retail segment with 64 stores in the Moscow metropolitan area and St.
Watson Group, Adidas Group, Auchan Group, Avon, Azbuka Vkusa, Castorama, CentrObuv, Dixy Group, Eldorado, IKEA, Kesko, Lenta, Leroy Merlin, M.