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any of numerous ornamental shrubs grown for their showy flowers of various colors

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HALF PRICE SUPER SAVER COLLECTION - Five Diamond Azalea Collection - One each of the above five varieties for only PS17.
Elaine Fox, Bradford, West Yorks: I give my pot azaleas sequestered iron to keep the foliage healthy, perhaps this helps flowering too?
Azaleas are usually grouped in with rhododendrons and are really just smaller versions of them, although azaleas generally have smaller leaves and daintier flowers.
Azaleas are a beautiful plant with lots of blooms and they can last for weeks.
All of the Encore[R] Azaleas are mass planted together for dramatic cross-seasonal impact while the Southern Living[R] Plant Collection is part of the “New Introductions” section.
There's no such worries about rhododendrons and azaleas, which are so hardy they can be planted now whatever winter brings.
Azaleas, which are generally smaller, daintier versions of rhododendrons, can be either deciduous or evergreen.
There, they will find 30,000 azaleas of 625 different varieties, along with redbuds, dogwoods and other blooming plants.
Our giant flowered azaleas have blooms up to 4ins across - and they keep their colour for weeks, making them an ideal gift.
Brilliant whites, pinks, purples and reds ( spring flowering azaleas can bring them all to the garden.
The "monster" is actually a gorgeous yard filled with more than 600 azaleas in every color imaginable.
This is one of the reasons azaleas are planted in peat moss; the low pH of the moss discourages growth of the phytophthora fungi that regularly decimate azaleas wherever soil pH is high, as in most of southern California.
Clarence Towe's American Azaleas (088-1926450, $29.
Whatever anyone's feeling about houseplants, Christmas is the time to bring in some festive colour and plants such as Poinsettias and Azaleas can offer a good challenge if you are up for it.
A 1/2- mile trail winds through a dense stand of Sitka spruce before emerging onto an open hillside covered with azaleas ranging from 16 inches to 12 feet in height.