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large semi-evergreen tree of the East Indies

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Comparative study on the delignification of Azadirachta indica (L) Del.
Biosorption of Cu(II) from wastewater using Azadirachta indica (Neem leaves), Journal of Environmental Research and Development 3(3): 614-620.
Apelphenon Hop Humulus lupulus Procyanidins Neem Azadirachta indica Unknown Elephant Allium Oil (diallyl garlic ampleloprasum sulphides) Red bayberry Myrica rubra Unknown Red chili Capsicum annum Capsaicin Plant Target Mechanism Wasabi V.
The present study therefore probes the inhibitive properties of Azadirachta indica leaves extracts for zinc corrosion using a gravimetric technique in an acidic media (HCl acid) with and without the extract at two temperatures (30[degrees]C and 60[degrees]C).
Structure of nimonol from fresh whole green leaves of Azadirachta indica.
2003, "Larvaecidal effects of aqueous extracts of Azadirachta indica (neem) on the larvae of Anopheles mosquito" African Journal of Biotechnology.
Despite heavy infestation on Azadirachta indica with considerable defoliation, other forest tree species: Ailanthus excelsa, Albizia lebbeck, Bauhinia purpura, Cassia siamia, Moringa oliefera and Pogamia pinnata were also recorded as important host plants of E.
Among various plant extracts and phytomolecules evaluated in past, neem seed kernel extract(NSKE) containing azadirachtin obtained from Indian neem, Azadirachta indica A.
Oguntoye: Control of Reproduction In Oreochromis Niloticus (L) Using Crude Extract Of Azadirachta Indica Saponin.
A combination of the plants, Alstonia scholaris, Aegle marmelos, Moringa oleifera, and Azadirachta indica was used for treatment of diverse ailments like puerperal fever, pain or jaundice.
Trees particularly affected have been recently planted specimens of Ficus retusa (Indian fig), Azadirachta indica (Neem), and a species of Tabebuia.
With this background an experiment was started in July 1993 using industrial effluent from nearby textile industries for establishment of Azadirachta indica Juss, which is a multipurpose species with ability to withstand varying adverse site conditions, i.
Neem-based products from Azadirachta indica have been successfully used for pest control in agriculture and gardening since long in India and more recently in European countries and in the USA (1).
Inhibition of colon cancer (HT-2) cell proliferation by a triterpenoid isolated from Azadirachta indica is accompanied by cell cycle arrest and upregulation of P21.
Crude organic extracts of Warburgia ugandensis Sprague, Azadirachta indica A.