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a republic in the West Indies on the western part of the island of Hispaniola

an island in the West Indies

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The devastating disaster brought Soffer on a journey of discovery that has evolved into a personal mission as the co-founder and executive director of New Hope 4 Haiti, a Les Cayes-based orphanage, and vice chair of The Ayiti Community Trust, a newly created endowment fund in partnership with the Miami Foundation.
ayiti Decurved terminal spine smooth scaly, emerging from cavity of bracketing flanges (Fig.
Ti dife boule sou istoua Ayiti (1977) was Trouillot's first publication after emigrating to the US during the Duvalier dictatorship.
There are many characters in Ayiti willing to eat their own hearts to survive, or to extract those hearts and try to decode the changes, to understand what their own perseverance has wrought in them.
She earned a combined MFA from the Drew University MFA Program in Poetry & Poetry in Translation and is a founding member of Poets for Ayiti.
Works of note include Octopus Magazine and Octopus Books titles (co-edited by Mathias Svalina and Zachary Schomburg); publisher of indie press dynamo PANK Roxane Gay's collection, titled Ayiti, from Artistically Declined Press, co-run by indie press writer Ryan W.
The book Estampas: la Ayiti que se levanta looks at the historical and current struggles of Haitian women to construct their own destiny with their fellow citizens.
Antes de la llegada de Cristobal Colon, el 5 de diciembre de 1492, a una isla que los conquistadores denominarian la Hispaniola, algunos primitivos pobladores de las Antillas le llamaban Ayiti, que significaba, en lengua de los tainos, <<tierra de las altas montanas>>, o tambien <<la montana sobre el mar>>.
Los dirigentes de la revuelta decidieron bautizar su nuevo Estado con un nombre tomado de la lengua de los tainos, habitantes originales de la isla que fueron exterminados por los conquistadores espanoles en el siglo XVI: Ayiti, "la tierra de las altas montanas".
Ayiti simulates choices people in Haiti have to make--health or wealth, education or jobs--and is just one of the many games emerging from the growing social and health game sector.
3) Les collines sont une caracteristique de l'Haiti rural, dont le nom traditionnel, Ayiti, signifie pays de collines dans la langue des Arawaks.
AYITI KONTREDANS Arteho et Performance Home of Avikodans 38, Rue Chavannes, HT 6140 Petion-Ville, Haiti Founder/Artistic Director, Jeanguy Saintus Rehearsal Director.
En diciembre de 1492, Cristobal Colon escogio una bahia caribena de la parte nortena de una isla, La Espanola, a quienes sus habitantes llamaban Ayiti.
Napoleon didn't have to bury the truth; it was buried for him when information concerning his defeat in Haiti or Ayiti (or its colonial name, Saint-Domingue) was merely delayed until nobody seemed to care.