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a republic in the West Indies on the western part of the island of Hispaniola

an island in the West Indies

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Ti dife boule sou istoua Ayiti (1977) was Trouillot's first publication after emigrating to the US during the Duvalier dictatorship.
There are many characters in Ayiti willing to eat their own hearts to survive, or to extract those hearts and try to decode the changes, to understand what their own perseverance has wrought in them.
Il reprend son ancienne appellation des premiers occupants de l'ile Kiskeya, Bohio ou Ayiti.
The Ayiti Kale Je investigators discovered that the park is being built in the middle of a fertile area for agricultural production and one of the country's major watersheds.
Ayiti simulates choices people in Haiti have to make--health or wealth, education or jobs--and is just one of the many games emerging from the growing social and health game sector.
AYITI KONTREDANS Arteho et Performance Home of Avikodans 38, Rue Chavannes, HT 6140 Petion-Ville, Haiti Founder/Artistic Director, Jeanguy Saintus Rehearsal Director.
Napoleon didn't have to bury the truth; it was buried for him when information concerning his defeat in Haiti or Ayiti (or its colonial name, Saint-Domingue) was merely delayed until nobody seemed to care.
Air de Ayiti Express, an Haitian carrier, has had two aircraft seized by US customs agents due to allegations of drug smuggling.
com include Heartline Ministries, Ayiti Now Corp, and McKinley Pasadena School.
In the Americas, the latest addition to the Marriott Hotels portfolio, the Marriott Port-au-Prince in Haiti, has contracted with a woman-owned business Ayiti Natives, Co which will now supply retail amenities for the hotel.
Maria Suarez Toro, from Radio Internacional Feminista (Feminist International Radio Endeavor) and the initiative Solidaridad Feminista Ayiti (SFA, Ayiti Feminist Solidarity) has worked with the activist Maud Duquella to coordinate a special campaign of the SFA in Haiti, under the name Mano a mano con las mujeres de Haiti (Shoulder to Shoulder with Haitian Women).
In pre-Columbian times, it belonged to Xaragua, the most southwestern of the five divisions of the island of Ayiti ("Land of the Mountains") established by the Arawaks.