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(in India) a native nursemaid who looks after children

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Ayat said that despite the automaker's growth and profits suffering during the downturn, an important part of the Renault strategy was the launch of their 2011 Logan sedan.
Despite the economic downturn in 2009, we at Arabian Automobiles had foreseen a steadily increasing demand for used cars with more than 40 per cent growth in our used car sales volumes over the last year," Michel Ayat, CEO of Arabian Automobiles said.
Ayat has appealed the one-year-sentence passed last month by the lower court after she was found guilty of the charges of inciting hatred against the regime and of being involved in a rally to commit crimes.
The Nissan brand has over the years developed an impressive line-up of commercial vehicles which are popular in the commercial vehicles industry and well-appreciated among users," said Ayat.
Iran's supreme leader Ayat Ali Khamenei appeals for political unity following what he called the "family competition" over last month's disputed presidential election.
We are delighted to be once again participating in the Dubai Shopping Festival as a key sponsor," said CEO of Arabian Automobiles Michel Ayat.
Sudan Tribune received a series of messages from the SSPLA/M email address, attributed to Ayat and the SSPLA/M information officer, Deng Deng, claiming that they were involved in an arms deal with members of the Iranian embassy, brokered by Khartoum.
Manama Bahrain's National Safety Court of First Instance yesterday sentenced a young poet Ayat Al Qermezi to one year in prison after she was found guilty of inciting hatred of the regime and of being involved in a rally to commit crimes.
Iran's supreme leader, Ayat Ali Khamenei, declared that a disputed election result would stand, despite street protests that Iranian officials say Britain and the US have incited.
According to Ayat, shift leasing will provide competitive pricing on vehicle leasing for both short-term and long-term corporate requirements.
The SSLA warned Ayat that if he did not change his manifesto other southern rebels would not cooperate with him.
A key requirement would be to have dedicated recharging stations on the highways and that would have to be preceded by agreements reached with the authorities and others concerned," said Michel Ayat, CEO of AWR Automotives.
Iran's supreme leader Ayat Ali Khamenei told Barack Obama shortly before the US president was due to address the world's Muslims that "beautiful" speeches alone could not remove the deep hatred felt in the Middle East towards the US.
However, on 9 December, while still head of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Ayat told Sudan Tribune "Our people have suffered for a very long time in support of unity.
Future possibilities in India will of course depend on the feasibility findings we need to undertake; but we have made a good start from Delhi," said Michel Ayat, CEO of AWR Automotives.