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a 6th century masterpiece of Byzantine architecture in Istanbul

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Demokrat Parti'nin yasalastirdigi bu kanun degisikliginden kisa bir sure once Kibris'ta 12 Mayis 1950 tarihinde Seyh Nazim Adil Kibrisi tarafindan Lefkosa'daki Ayasofya Camii'nde okunan Arapca ezan uzun yillar Kibris Turk Basini'nin gundemini mesgul eden bir konu haline gelmistir.
13 Mayis tarihli Halkin Sesi Gazetesi, Ayasofya Camii'nde gerceklesen Arapca ezan okuma olayini okuyucularina soyle duyurur: Seyh Nazim, Ayasofya Camii'ndeki vaazinin sonunda muritlerine, Arapca ezan okunmasini isteyip istemediklerini sorar.
Experts have uncovered one of the four angel mosaics within the world-famous Ayasofya Museum in Istanbul after it had been hidden for 160 years behind plaster and a metal mask.
Ayasofya, built by the Byzantine emperor Justinian between A.
Ayasofya tombs are the place where most sultans were buried.
In Sultanahmet district you'll also find Topkapi Palace, Ayasofya (the church of divine wisdom), the Byzantine Hippodrome, a grand Byzantine square called Binbirdirek Cistern, the Istanbul Archaeological Museums, Great Palace Mosaic Museum and several other mosques.
Photographs of Guti and Quaresma looking at angel mosaics at Ayasofya (Hagia Sofia) Museum can be used for promotion," he said.
The places of interest in Istanbul include Ayasofya -- the architectural heritage church of the Byzantine empire now converted to a museum; the Blue Mosque -- a beautiful blue- tiled mosque and the Topkapi Palace -- the last residence of Ottaman emperors, among other places.
com WHERE TO EAT Save The Ayasofya Kebab House in Sultanahmet is perfect for a quick bite.
28 kasim 1948 tarihinde Lefkosada onbes bin turkun yapmis oldugu ayasofya mitinginde bir kere daha kibris rumlarinin yunanistana ilhak ve muhtariyet taleplerinin siddetle reddedilmesi oy birligi ile kararlastirilmistir kibris turkleri ilhak ve muktariyetin tamamiyle turklugun mahvina sebep olacagina ve adanin asayisini bozacagina inaniyorlar = secretary dr kucuk + kl 28 kasim 1948 + +
GREEN LIGHT: Three nights' B&B at the three-star Ayasofya Pansiyonlari hotel costs from pounds 556 pp during August (based on two sharing) including flights from London or Manchester and transfers.
Another famous sight is the stunning Hagia Sophia Ayasofya, also known as St Sophia Museum, which stands at the end of the Hippodrome Square.
She then attended Ayasofya Girls' School for five years.
The mosque was built on the site of the palace of the Byzantine emperors, in front of the basilica Ayasofya (at that time, the primary imperial mosque in Istanbul) and the hippodrome, a site of significant symbolic meaning as it dominated the city skyline from the south.