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(in India) a native nursemaid who looks after children

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Dr Stanley, a research fellow at the University of Hull, said: "The ayahs are very interesting as they had extraordinary mobility for women of that period.
I have not yet found any records of any ayahs in Huddersfield or the Colne Valley yet but I think there must have been some and would like to hear from anyone who knows they had an ayah in their family.
The translations of the ayahs of the Holy Quran without much commentary have been quoted.
The Holy Quran says in Sura Al Qalam, ayah 4: "And Verily, you are on an exalted (standard of) character.
If an ayah was not completed on the same dome, they stopped and continued on the other dome.
The most complicated part is to write a complete ayah on a dome.
As Visram's title indicated, Indian migrants proved kaleidoscopically diverse, from members of the Indian nobility to "lascar" merchant seamen, to ayahs or nannies who arrived with British families: men and women, rich and poor, prominent and obscure, sojourners, settlers and celebrities.
I also interviewed the family members of the eight women, one thana health administrator, two medical officers, four nurses, two ayahs and one female cleaner about their experience of hospital birthing practices.
Then, as soon as the women were admitted, they faced hospital-aides, ward boys and special ayahs who came forward to offer to push the trolley and transfer them to the antenatal room.
The inspiration for my play came from a remarkable but simple black-and-white photograph in a book, Ayahs and Lascars by Rozina Vishram.
They include 16-year-old Ayah Rani Das, the Viceroy's man Abdul Karim, Dadabhai Naoroji, the first Indian MP, and Gandhi.
Another important strand of The Empress is the story of Rani Das - actress Anneika Rose - a teenage Indian nanny or Ayah, who gets dumped by an English family at Tilbury Docks in 1887.
But while Ayahs were also employed by families on ships returning from Britain to India, on disembarkation in Britain, far from being seen as indispensable, they were dismissed.
Tenders are invited for Competent Experienced Nurses And Ayahs Are Needed On Call-Basis At Rcf Hospital As Per Requirement To Manage The Ipd Department Sealed Tenders Are Invited From Nurses Bureau For Providing Nurses And Ayahs At Rcf Hospital Chembur As Per Requirement
To Simla, to be exact, where Herbert Thurgarton-Strang is born an d coddled by ayahs and parents alike.