Hagia Sophia

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a 6th century masterpiece of Byzantine architecture in Istanbul

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Among these pieces, the series on My World, Atlas, Aya Sofia, Kitabi Kava, are the major attractions, while others are titled as Frock, Dress, Man and Drapes and Roses.
It currently ranks third in height, after Italy's Saint Mary church in Florence and Turkey's Aya Sofia Mosque in Istanbul.
Then make your first sightseeing trip to the city's most famous building - the 1,500-year-old Aya Sofia.
See the stunning Aya Sofia mosque, the Topkapi Palace where billions of pounds worth of the ancient sultans' treasure is on show, and stroll through the covered Grand Bazaar - with 65 avenues and 4,400 shops.
While it will show Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Burj Khalifa in UAE, in will show Mohamed Ali Mosque and the pyramids in Egypt, and Aya Sofia in Turkey.