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a shaft on which a wheel rotates

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They were backing and wheeling as a grain-cart's axle caught them by the horns.
When it is arrived at D, let the stone be turned upon its axle, till its attracting end points towards E, and then the island will be carried obliquely towards E; where, if the stone be again turned upon its axle till it stands in the position E F, with its repelling point downwards, the island will rise obliquely towards F, where, by directing the attracting end towards G, the island may be carried to G, and from G to H, by turning the stone, so as to make its repelling extremity to point directly downward.
The oaken axle groaned aloud under the burden of the awful goddess and the hero; Pallas Minerva took the whip and reins, and drove straight at Mars.
After loading there was a long delay before the horses were brought, these having been unharnessed during the ridding; but at length, about two o'clock, the whole was under way, the cooking-pot swinging from the axle of the waggon, Mrs Durbeyfield and family at the top, the matron having in her lap, to prevent injury to its works, the head of the clock, which, at any exceptional lurch of the waggon, struck one, or one-and-a-half, in hurt tones.
It is a stiff place, and I feel as though I were bogged up to the axle.
Then he moved in his bonds, and his furious exertions made the ancient wheel of the pillory shriek on its axle.
Cut a mortar (13) three feet wide and a pestle three cubits long, and an axle of seven feet, for it will do very well so; but if you make it eight feet long, you can cut a beetle (14) from it as well.
Yes," said Charles, getting rather red; "and whoever's driven it hasn't cleaned it properly, for there's mud on the axle.
They passed a rancher's wagon overturned, a second wagon with a broken axle, and the stage a hundred yards down the mountainside, where it had fallen, passengers, horses, road, and all.
Available now, this new axle is the largest of Dana's premium axles, designed for agricultural tractors from 285 to 370 kW (380 to 500 horsepower) in continuous use.
Contract notice: Bg_419_eu / 15 factory repair of axles, vehicle system tpz fuchs.
Finally, the 65SA with the E2Nitro makes movement on jobsites easier because operators can lift rear axles when backing up or turning around.
axle spacing, an airlift on axle 3, and a chain lift on axles 1, 2, 4 and 5.