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the upper angle between an axis and an offshoot such as a branch or leafstalk

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These parasitoids are most vulnerable when landing and ambulating on a leaf and least vulnerable in the axils, where adults assume prolonged, stationary postures for drilling and ovipositing.
Inflorescences in axillary raceme of triads, 1 per axil, 6-7 cm in length, 12-16(-18) triads per inflorescence, branches of inflorescence cylindrical, acute bracts at the base of the branches of the inflorescence, middle bract similar to the laterals.
Inflorescences simple, without vegetative leaves, borne near base of younger stems in axils of deciduous earliest leaves, mostly single but occasionally in pairs, 3.
5-1 mm thick, pale glaucous white, with necrotic base darkening at surface, often cyanescent in part, moderately branched; branching type anisotomic dichotomy or trichotomy, with distinct main axes and short side branchlets; axils perforated but usually closed near the young tips and frequently also lower down, to 0.
Water volume was considered as a possible element of choice by anurans, as well as the physical characteristics per sampled plant (the water volume in the leaf axils and in the plant centre, the number of leaves and leaf axils, base width and biggest leaf length, the biggest diameter and plant height - from the rosette base to the top of the highest leaf).
By tying down side shoots, the buds in the leaf axils of climbing roses are encouraged to make shoots, all of which grow vertically.
Small, orange-yellow flowers are borne in dense cymes in the leaf axils.
The remaining studies were conducted in temperate areas of Buenos Aires Province: Vucetich & Rossi (1980) described the chemical characteristics of water in the axils of Eryngium pandanifolium Cham & Schltdl.
albopictus breeding was encountered in the leaf axils of many plants viz.
The carpenter ants were likely introduced to the nursery in palms shipped from Florida, as this species is known to nest in leaf axils of palms (Warner and Scheffrahan 2005).
complanata has multiple decurved thin flower spikes emanating laterally from the axils of the leaves.
Phimophorus spissicornis was found on the axils of palm fronds of Attalea butyracea and Oenocarpus bataua.
If allowed to continue growing; the shoots develop branches in the axils of their scales--the green, featherlike cladophylls.
Propagation can also be achieved using bulbils produced in the axils of the leaves, although producing bulbs large enough to produce a flower takes longer.