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the upper angle between an axis and an offshoot such as a branch or leafstalk

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We showed that, in the male inflorescences of Hydrocharis, the sequence of bifurcations that forms a cluster of flowers in the bract axils can be terminated by the formation of a stolon complex instead of a floral meristem and that a stolon complex can occur in the axil of the single bract of the female inflorescence.
The phenotype is additive, with additional flowers forming directly in the axils of the first-order branch before the first-order meristem terminates as a stub.
Torreya is distinguished from Cephalotaxus by its sessile or subsessile axils, lack of a prominent mid-rib, sunken stomatal bands that are narrower than or equal to the midrib and spine-tipped leaves.
Aedes albopictus breeding was observed in the cement tanks, plastic containers, metal containers, ant guards, latex cups, tree-holes, banana plant leaf axils, mud pots, flowerpot trays, grinding stones, tyres, glass bottles, spathes or bracts and discarded containers.
fimbriatum in blade dissection, leaf length, and presence of proliferous buds on the axils of distal pinnae.
Reeves LT (mangrove pandani swamp) Stone Guam LC (leaf axils of Pandanas dubius); type series Guam Guam LC (leaf axils of Pandanas dubius); type series Guam L.
The plant forms tight clusters of grape sized rhizomes and displays trailing stems that support cladophylls that are not leaves but actually branchlets with the tiny leaves appearing in the axils with small white aromatic flowers that transform into the pea-size red berries that are poisonous to humans and domestic animals.
albopictus breeding was encountered in the leaf axils of many plants viz.
The carpenter ants were likely introduced to the nursery in palms shipped from Florida, as this species is known to nest in leaf axils of palms (Warner and Scheffrahan 2005).
complanata has multiple decurved thin flower spikes emanating laterally from the axils of the leaves.
29th: Throughout the southern half of the nation, wild strawberry leaves appear, and fresh violet leaves on the Japanese honeysuckle venture out from the axils of their woody vines.
It can be recognized by the orbicular, densely gland-dotted, ovate leaves and the densely white hairy round buds in the leaf axils.
Propagation can also be achieved using bulbils produced in the axils of the leaves, although producing bulbs large enough to produce a flower takes longer.
Embryo figs, which are just pea-size and appear near the tips of the shoots in the leaf axils from August onwards, should be left as these are the ones which will mature and ripen next summer.