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(of experimental animals) raised under sterile conditions

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(used of cultures of microorganisms) completely free from other organisms

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Cardiac valve and heparinized blood specimens were injected into cell and axenic cultures (5,16).
Its stock clonal axenic culture has been maintained on agar slants (1% v/v) at 28 [+ or -] 2[degrees]C, illuminated with 1500 lux of incandescent light, culture was grown and maintained in B[G.
Shoot tip culture in mango: influence of medium, genotype, explant factors, season and decontamination treatments on phenolic exudation, explant survival and axenic culture establishment.
The axenic culture medium 199 supplemented by 5% of calf newborn serum was used.
Because the particles were assumed to be bacterial pathogens, efforts were made to produce an axenic culture of the ameba isolate, and 16S rRNA PCR was performed to identify any intracellular bacteria.
Spore germination and young gametophyte development of Botrychium and Ophioglossum in axenic culture.
Development of media formulations permitting axenic culture of marine pathogens has enabled scientists to study the growth of parasites, their virulence factors and host-parasite interactions.
Activities of phenol oxidizing enzymes of ectomycorrhizal fungi in axenic culture and in symbiosis with Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.