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Synonyms for awning

Synonyms for awning

a canopy made of canvas to shelter people or things from rain or sun

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An awning above their heads protected them from the heat of the sun, and the breeze which the boat made aired them softly.
Then he remembered seeing similar grand ladies and gowns entering the London theatres while he stood and watched and the policemen shoved him back into the drizzle beyond the awning.
asked Charlie, as he led the way to the rocky nook where Archie was putting up a sail-cloth awning.
Out from the shade of the awning the coin flashed golden in the blaze of sunshine and fell toward the sea in a glittering arch.
The hunters possibly no more than tolerated me, though none of them disliked me; while Smoke and Henderson, convalescent under a deck awning and swinging day and night in their hammocks, assured me that I was better than any hospital nurse, and that they would not forget me at the end of the voyage when they were paid off.
she said; "I find I can swim beautifully, and some day, when my Aunt Crawley's companion--old Briggs, you know--you remember her--that hook-nosed woman, with the long wisps of hair--when Briggs goes out to bathe, I intend to dive under her awning, and insist on a reconciliation in the water.
Rebecca, as we have seen, was aware of this circumstance, and though she did not attempt to storm Briggs as she had threatened, and actually dive into that lady's presence and surprise her under the sacredness of the awning, Mrs.
Under the stern awning bearded Jackson jingled an old guitar and sang, with an execrable accent, Spanish love-songs; while young Hollis and I, sprawling on the deck, had a game of chess by the light of a cargo lantern.
He spotted a gap in the market for high quality awnings and shelters that could offer pubs, hotels and restaurants extra space for relatively low cost.
Canopies and awnings are roof structures made of canvas, plastic or metal, typically located over entrances to provide protection from the elements.
1m is to be invested by the airport on the construction of undercover awnings to protect passengers from weather at the limousine pick-up area at the International Terminal.
DEALERSHIP: Awnings: Lincoln's most experienced Sunroom and Awnings Dealer since 2004.
Managing director, Paul Roberson, says: "The expansion has created the space we needed to be able to display an unrivalled range of tents and caravan awnings, so that customers can really see and feel the products for themselves.
The UO on Wednesday began installing newly designed solar awnings that will provide all three features and could, if successful, start showing up on all seven Oregon University System campuses.