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a pointed tool for marking surfaces or for punching small holes

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Her metal awl with sinew-wrapped handle was stuck into a buckskin wrap.
We went over the AWLS utilities map -- locating gas, water, and electrical lines, breaker boxes, the storage shed for camping fuel, vehicle gas tank and pump, LP gas tanks, and storage shed for ammunition and black powder used in our shooting sports program.
we had forty-three of the forty-nine participants on the AWLS site.
This year, the AWLS group is targeting home-based PC access to the WLS main frame computer as a major goal.
As a county resident, I'm proud of the AWLS initiative.
This involved a buckskin rope with four holes and two bone awls, one to place in the ground as a pivot and the other to scribe a line showing where to cut the bottom edge.
What I have learned at AWLS will be passed on to all of my students," said one teacher.
The API included in the AWLS package is interoperable with Bluesoft's AeroScout Location API, enabling customers to benefit immediately from applications already integrated with Bluesoft's AeroScout WLAN Location System.