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a pointed tool for marking surfaces or for punching small holes

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we had forty-three of the forty-nine participants on the AWLS site.
We cancelled the last AWLS session as we had time to inform incoming teachers of the situation and gave them their choice of session to attend in 2001.
UP excavations at Satanai Rockshelter uncovered bone awls (Figure 14: nos.
Bone awls are most frequently found in EUP layers 1C and 1A.
To begin the construction process, students punctured the aluminum cans with a compass point or awl.
In healthcare, for example, AWLS enables doctors, nurses, and support staff to spend less time searching for equipment and more time providing patient care.
The first hide was placed at the center of the line and hides on either side would be marked, cut, and tacked together using an awl and back strap sinew provided by the host.
October 26, events from history | ST CRISPIN AND CRISPINIAN'S DAY - Crispin and Crispinian were brother shoemakers who were martyred by being pricked to death by cobblers' awls.
What I have learned at AWLS will be passed on to all of my students," said one teacher.
Flint scrapers, knives, saws, arrowheads and borers are a feature of the West Row Fen settlement site along with bone or antler pins, awls and spatulas.
The API included in the AWLS package is interoperable with Bluesoft's AeroScout Location API, enabling customers to benefit immediately from applications already integrated with Bluesoft's AeroScout WLAN Location System.
A necklace of beads made of miscellaneous jewels, awls made of bones and multi-usage stony tools dating back to the late Stone Age were also discovered.