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Synonyms for gawk



Synonyms for gawk

a large, ungainly, and dull-witted person

to look intently and fixedly

Synonyms for gawk

an awkward stupid person

look with amazement

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We are delighted to provide awk with a process-optimised system that powerfully demonstrates our synthesis of mobile- phone and code-reader technologies," said Dr.
Joachim Kleinhans, managing director of awk Aussenwerbung GmbH, said, "Controlling our inventory via mobile phone puts us in a position to monitor our approximately 45,000 large billboards throughout Germany in a quick and cost-effective manner, and to inform our customers of the status of their campaigns at any time.
The monitoring and control system being developed for awk is the latest application of Gavitec's Lavasphere technology.
AWKS will also charge a monthly membership fee to consumers of $1.
AWKS is a public company with the trading symbol AWKS.
Each student will pay $50 up-front and AWKS will finance the balance through four equal ACH payments of $25 per month.
For the first time, AWKS plans to launch several advertising and promotion campaigns regarding the cashier course, targeting retail and grocery print media as well as local television.
AWKS is a public company trading in the OTC Pink Sheets with the symbol AWKS .
About AmeriWorks Financial Services: This is the first new product announcement since AWKS acquired the assets and operations of American DebtWorks, Inc.