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the first of the Old Testament patriarchs and the father of Isaac


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SINKING FEELING AVRAM Grant needs a win today for his rock-bottom side
In September, when Jose left and Avram came on board, I think the board and Roman Abramovich did not expect that we would be sitting here as a semi-finalist in the Champions League and three points off the top of the Premier League.
TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED: Avram has warned the other title contenders
Adams said: "All the criticism will be like water off a duck's back to Avram.
Emerton said: "I don't think Chelsea have changed one bit under Avram Grant.
AVRAM GRANT will pick up a staggering pounds 500,000 bonus if Chelsea retain the Carling Cup against Tottenham at Wembley today.
The Blackburn boss - a former world class striker - is convinced Chelsea's pounds 31 million star is a born again hit-man under Avram Grant.
Dixon said: "Chelsea have honoured their intentions because they always said Avram wasn't going anywhere.
So normally I'd defend Avram Grant's decision to miss today's game with Stoke because it's Yom Kippur.
AVRAM GRANT has been branded "dangerous, a manipulator" and someone who "doesn't understand football" by the man he succeeded as Israeli national team coach.
AVRAM GRANT will be given permission to miss West Ham's game at Stoke to observe Yom Kippur - even if they are rock-bottom.
Meanwhile, Lomana LuaLua has vowed to repay Avram Grant for persuading him not to give up football by ending Chelsea's Euro dream.
AVRAM GRANT was once described as a man who looked like he stepped on his last ping-pong ball.
AVRAM GRANT is famous for rarely cracking a smile - but the grim-faced Chelsea boss claims he finds the pressure of the title race fun.