tax avoidance

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the minimization of tax liability by lawful methods

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The recent report by the Public Accounts Committee paints an all too familiar picture where big business is able to engage in systematic avoidance of taxes which runs into billions.
With respect to the avoidance of taxes, the court found that the disclosure statement South Beach filed in the case, which stated that the plan's goal was to make use of South Beach's net operating losses, was proof of a principal purpose to avoid taxes.
It has also been part of a wi-der global campaign to end the avoidance of taxes using offshore accounts and tax havens.
On top of that, the production tax credit of 2 cents per kilowatt-hour would permit the avoidance of taxes over 10 years.
The economic downturn that has been sweeping the worldwide markets contributed to a large part of the reduction in profitability of the global corporate, making it imminent for them to find ways and means to make their financing operations more effective by avoidance of taxes and other establishment costs.