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the minimization of tax liability by lawful methods

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The official also said that Iran plans to reach agreements with Portugal in a number of fields, including cooperation on standards, investment promotion, avoidance of tax and customs facilities.
The Cabinet approved agreements with Ireland and Vietnam on avoidance of tax and dual tariffs.
less desirable than the higher-taxed alternative, avoidance of tax on
tax benefit through the avoidance of tax on the gain from selling the
It is possible to replace any existing share options with EMI options if the new grant is for the purpose of recruiting or retaining staff, and provided the main or one of the main purposes is not the avoidance of tax.
What I can't abide is the avoidance of tax that every nurse, teacher, labourer or cleaner has to cough up.
8) For example, it may be appropriate to (1) recognize no benefit from a listed transaction (even where the company obtains a should-prevail opinion), (2) fully or partially reserve a tax position where the principal purpose of the position is the avoidance of tax, or (3) fully recognize a position arising in the ordinary course of business that is supported only by a more-likely-than-not level of confidence.
The avoidance of tax is therefore the result of using acceptable, viable alternatives.
Avoidance of tax schemes, including not withholding income taxes from wages paid to employees;
Deductions for such payments are denied, to the extent that the derivative has as one of its purposes something not within the business purpose of the company, and this specifically includes the avoidance of tax either for that company or any other person.
Xcel is expected to benefit from tax loss carry forwards or avoidance of tax payments of about $125 million per year through 2007.
Service CThe technical and operational support, with dedicated staff, to fight against tax evasion and / or avoidance of tax revenue, as referred to above, aimed emergence of new tax base.
Not the actual avoidance of tax, just the reporting of it.
2 billion) a year, after lawmakers alleged that multinationals were involved in "immoral" avoidance of tax.
He said: "Although the avoidance of tax is legal clearly it is not socially responsible.