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Arabian physician and influential Islamic philosopher

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Zabta Khan Shinwari is the laureate of 2015 UNESCO Avicenna Prize for Ethics in Science.
All couples entered in the study after signing informed written consent and the study was also approved by the ethical committee of Avicenna Research Institute.
In the opening book of that work Avicenna reasons that wujud (in the Latin, esse) is not to be defined or demonstrated but rather merely needs to be brought to one's attention as something implicitly apprehended in the experience of reality.
It may be interesting to note that Avicenna might have borrowed the term dhawq from Sufism, but he nevertheless interprets it in an explicitly philosophical way, as he does with every "mystical" notion in the last three sections of the Isharat.
Major reasons for proving the presence of reason by Avicenna are:
Thabet, who has scientific achievements in the field of finance , philosophy and mental strength, was elected by members of the British Royal Society of Science to be bestowed the Avicenna Award as a successor of Tony Buzan the inventor of Mind Mapping.
The film highlights the contrast between the crude monastic treatments practiced in Europe, which relied heavily on bleeding, versus those practiced by the famed Avicenna in Persia where illnesses were scientifically studied and complex surgeries such as cataract removal were carefully performed.
Centered on the fictional Avicenna University Hospital, Shafqat's novel Breath of Death ( Wisdom Tree; ` 245) draws the very real scenario of a bio- terrorism plot to destroy the USA.
Abu Ali Al Hussain Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina, better known in prominent Western sources by his Latinised name, Avicenna, was a leading Persian physician who became one of the most famous and influential of all Muslim philosopher-scientists.
Second, concerning the hylomorphic interpretation of time, the medieval Aristotelian, Avicenna, explicitly identifies motion with the material condition of time and maintains the need of a percipient mind in marking off time (The Physics of the Healing, II.
Anawati's Bibliography of Avicenna published in Cairo in 1950, list some 276 titles--consisting of kutub, rasail, ma 'ajim, etc.
As Avicenna said, "The metaphysicians do not intend by the agent the principle of movement only, as do the natural philosophers, but also the principle of existence and that which bestows existence, such as the creator of the world.
Later Somali children were taken to private Avicenna Hospital in Esenler district by ambulances.
Combined with our TSE business, Avicenna positions AMETEK as the only medical interconnects provider with integrated capabilities for the catheter, cardiac and neurostimulation markets," adds Mr.
Summary: Marrakech - HM King Mohammed VI, accompanied by Prince Moulay Ismail, visited, on Saturday afternoon, Ibn Tofail and Avicenna military hospitals in Marrakech, where he enquired about the health of the injured of Thursday's terrorist attack, that took place in a cafe at Jamaa El-Fna square.