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Arabian physician and influential Islamic philosopher

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If this code of conduct is not being followed by government and other private universities then why is it only happening in the Avicenna College.
She said Avicenna Medical College though a recent addition to the medical Institutes of the medical fraternity is firmly committed to ethical, high quality and community targeted medical education.
2]--Reproductive Biotechnology Research Center, Avicenna Research Institute, ACECR, Tehran, Iran
My aim is to provide an overview of the way Avicenna employs distinct analogies of existence within the central argument of the Ilahiyyat, which brings us from being qua being to the existence of the divine necessary existence in itself.
The shining scientist and pride of the country, Prof Zabta Khan Shinwari yet again become the reason for a Pakistani to brag about, considering the fact that the maestro is now the laureate of UNESCO Avicenna Prize for Ethics in Science- 2015 in recognition of his work in SandT.
Zabta Shinwari of Pakistan has received 2015 UNESCO Avicenna Prize for Ethics in Science recently at UNESCO Paris.
The show will shed light on the lives and innovations of scholars such as Avicenna, Alhazen, Abbas ibn Firnas and Al Jazari, among others.
Hemmati co-founded Avicenna Pharmaceuticals in Paris, France, to advance a technology based on cancer stem cell mutations he had earlier discovered.
Following Selles (2006), Alexander's texts about the agent intellect have influenced the Arabic thinkers as Avicenna and Averroes; Thomas Aquinas was the only one able to point out the incorporation of Alexander's theory into the interpretation of Aristotelian passages.
This observation is undoubtedly correct, but if I am not mistaken it has an important implication on the doctrinal level, insofar as it seems to imply a greater unity between the practical and the theoretical dimensions of the intellect than is the case in Avicenna (for whom one can attain theoretical perfection without having any practical perfection, as becomes clear in his fourfold distinction regarding happiness/misery in the afterlife; see, e.
After him, interpreter's extracted reason from his works, or like Alexander of Aphrodisias, considered it as a transcendent being and god, or like Islamic philosophers such as Farabi and Avicenna, placed it out of human soul in order to resolve the issue of the relationship between plurality and unity and not to leave the issue of episteme unanswered.
5m (EUR36m) cash acquisition of Ivicend Holding Ltd, the former owner of the Avicenna Medical Center.
In particular, they wished to save the Arab-Islamic heritage from its 'perversion' by the Persians, starting with Avicenna and Ghazali who initiated the shift from reason and discourse to mystagogy and 'unreason.
Manahel Thabet the Avicenna Award, as one of the most distinguished researchers in the world.
from Avicenna Monument in Dushanbe to the western gate of the city.