Avena fatua

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common in meadows and pastures

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PP-604 rate and Avena fatua density effects on seed production and viability in Hordeum vulgare.
The response of spring barley and winter wheat to Avena fatua population density.
and Artemisia herba alba on germination efficiency, germination index and radicle length of two dominated weeds in Algeria; Avena fatua L and Polygonum convolvulus L in laboratory condition.
Five medicinal and aromatic plant species were collected from their natural habitats during the vegetative stage to test the allelopathic activities of the aqueous extract of shoot and root on Avena fatua L.
05) inhibited the germination parameters of Avena fatua L.
Notably, Polygunum convolvolus was sensetive to the shoot and root extract of the five donor species more than Avena fatua.