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Synonyms for avatar

a new personification of a familiar idea

the manifestation of a Hindu deity (especially Vishnu) in human or superhuman or animal form

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In Gaudiya Vaisnava theological context avatara should not be translated as "incarnation," the word of choice for many, given that the Gaudiyas argue that Caitanya, Krsna, Rama, etc.
The section on India focuses on the images of avatara and guru as suitable vehicles for expressing the meaning of Jesus (with some attention to dalit representations of Jesus as well).
First published in Dutch as De niet-Westerse Jezuz: Jezus als bodhisattva, avatara, goeroe, profeet, voorouder of genezer?
I had originally planned to develop a Christian interpretation of the Hindu doctrine of avatara.
It is peopled by avatars - from the Sanskrit avatara, meaning incarnation - which can walk and talk (via a keyboard), buy food, drink and clothes, and have all manner of relations with each other.
Whenever evil forces threaten to destroy human values, an Avatara or a descent of the divine in human form appears.
The tenth avatara of Vishnu, Kalki, will appear riding a white horse and brandishing a blazing sword at the end of the Age of Strife to restore right and justice.
Like Beloved, the story is "built up from fragments", in this case as Avey gradually makes connections and is guided by others to make connections among her fragmented memories, and between these memories and her present experiences, eventually reconstructing her self as Avatara - an avatar of all the past and present consciousnesses that have contributed to the making of Avey Johnson.
26) In other words, although some Hindus today will try to explain the images as only symbols of the gods, the traditional and still widely held view is connected to the idea of avatara, or "descent.
Charlotte Schmid (2010: 464) has also argued that the Kaliyadamana and Govardhana scenes carry a special power to communicate a truth about Krsna far beyond the immediate context of the biography: it is in these two scenes particularly that the whole mythic complex of Krsna's life and indeed the entire Vaisnava system of the avatara is played out "en abyme":
to Aranyakanda (and elsewhere), the Goldmans seems to subscribe to the idea that Rama is an avatara of Visnu already in the Valmiki Ram.
The first two parts of their Avatara triple-bill (Tat and Moksha) featured a stage-side Ballamy blowing soprano and tenor horns over his own electronic backing, the dancers setting out to modify their traditional South Indian framework.
In the section on the Krishna avatara, several of this cowherd god's exploits (Krishnalila) are described and illustrated.
32) Such a response has been criticized on the grounds that it implies that Christianity can meet Hinduism in the fellowship of religion of the Spirit only when its distinctive conception of the Incarnation undergoes a significant transmutation into that of the Advaitic avatara.