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(astronomy) the equinoctial point that lies in the constellation of Virgo

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The autumn equinox occurs this year on September 23.
21: The autumn equinox front is typically characterized by warmth at its approach and by a likelihood of frost as it departs east.
On the eve of the autumn equinox the gods returned peacefully to spend the night together at the unseen lake.
On a Tuesday shortly before the autumn equinox, we were harshly reminded that while environmental problems can be relentless killers, they will never have the power to kill so suddenly or with such violent abandon as angry terrorists harboring a mortal grudge against our nation.
The autumn equinox is behind us, but perhaps it's only been the stargazers who've noticed.
But certainly, in ancient times, the Chinese observed the festival on the autumn equinox to worship the gods of agriculture at the end of the summer harvest.
There is a summer solstice, a winter solstice, an autumn equinox and a spring equinox.
It is also a time of harvest and death, for in annual measure the second house is the period from the autumn equinox to the winter solstice.
Note that due to the actual elliptical orbit of the earth around the sun, the time taken for the earth to move around the sun from the Spring equinox to the Autumn equinox is about 184 days (92 days for both Spring and Summer), while Autumn to Spring takes only about 181 days (91 days for Autumn and 90 days for Winter).
This suite of eight small dances, planed to coincide with the autumn equinox, is a progressive study of eclectic movement, movement qualities, and emotional states.
The new solar arc tool visualizes the sun's position in the sky in relation to the 3D model and the user can choose to toggle on or off views which show: azimuth, altitude, defined time, sun rise and sun set times, autumn equinox, and summer and winter solstices.
25/min GET BACK IN SYNC Libra Sept 24 to Oct 23 The autumn equinox, Wednesday, is the herald of the season's change and as it does, we begin to celebrate Libra birthdays.
The venue's 1,000th event is a special medieval banquet on Friday, September 25, to mark the Autumn Equinox and will see local friars and town wenches serve a four course feast for guests.
Robson and Prescott | We have passed the autumn equinox and the nights are drawing in.
We are heading towards the autumn equinox on September 21 but it looks as though this month could well be drier and warmer than average.