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any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome

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Furthermore, in the current study, we used 35,079 SNPs distributed across the entire bovine autosomal chromosome for the analysis of LD in Chinese beef Simmental cattle.
High-quality metaphase preparations were obtained from 29 specimens, of which 23 presented the same autosomal chromosome group: 2n = 74, in which autosomal chromosomes are acrocentric, and gradually decrease in size from the 1st to the 36th pair.
These shortcomings are, however, put into perspective by a multi-centre audit of 23 genetic laboratories, which found that, in over 98 000 amniocenteses performed after Down syndrome screening, only about 1% of autosomal chromosome abnormalities were not detectable by QF-PCR.
An abnormal number of sex and autosomal chromosomes in male and female germ cells may cause pregnancy loss, pregnancy delay, spontaneous abortion, and fetal and prenatal mortality or may be responsible for chromosomal/malformation syndromes in newborns (1,2).
Ne was set at 200 (thus male Ne (Nm) = 100 and female Ne (Nf) = 200 for the Xchromosome), which was estimated as the average of all pairs of syntenic markers in autosomal chromosomes using the equation Ne = 1/([4r.
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