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a measuring system that detects and locates objects on the same principle as radar but uses light from a laser

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Complete report on global autonomous vehicle market spread across 133 pages, profiling 18 companies and supported with 202 tables and figures is now available at http://www.
Explaining why the truck is being introduced in Nevada and not in Germany or elsewhere, Bernhard said, "We made it clear when we started in July, whoever has the regulatory framework in place would be the first to have autonomous vehicles.
The autonomous vehicle technology we are showcasing in the Freightliner Inspiration Truck will help reduce accidents, improve fuel consumption, cut highway congestion, and safeguard the environment," said Bernhard.
Our priority is in making the first Ford autonomous vehicle accessible to the masses, and truly enhancing customers' lives," he told show attendees.
SwRI's driverless vehicle will interact with autonomous vehicles developed by teams from Carnegie Mellon University/General Motors and Stanford University/Volkswagen.
At the Connected Car Expo, Faurecia will discuss potential technology approaches to the interior systems of an autonomous vehicle.
While riding in an exact replica of the time machine seen in Back to the Future, a movie made famous for futuristic visions, Grant discusses the past, present and future of autonomous vehicle technology with Paul Godsmark, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of CAVCOE (Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence).
Liability laws might evolve to ensure autonomous vehicle technology advances are not brought to a halt.
There will certainly be benefits when autonomous vehicles reach 5% penetration in our cities.
Testing Ford s autonomous vehicle fleet at Mcity provides another challenging, yet safe, urban environment to repeatedly check and hone these new technologies, said Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development.
An additional push in autonomous vehicle research comes from U.
Through the use of computers, sensors and other systems, an autonomous vehicle is capable of analyzing the driving environment more quickly and operating the vehicle more safely," he added.
The report also covers the possible impact of urbanisation on autonomous vehicle takeup, and examples of collaboration between automotive and technology companies.
12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Faurecia, one of the world's largest automotive suppliers, and Stanford University's Center for Design Research, have formed a partnership aimed at studying potential behavioral changes in an autonomous vehicle.
Within SWARM, four primary objectives exist to increase unmanned systems business in Utah: bring autonomous vehicle contracts to Utah companies for execution; create a nationally recognized unmanned vehicle test facility; promote legislative initiatives to support AGV business and technology; and foster autonomous systems research through Utah universities.
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