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a measuring system that detects and locates objects on the same principle as radar but uses light from a laser

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In order to support the project, the automaker is establishing its first-ever autonomous vehicle operations terminal in Miami.
These investments mean the UK Government is now supporting 73 connected and autonomous vehicle R&D projects; a portfolio worth around 180 million.
Summary: The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai will use autonomous vehicles in a district starting from February
Auto parts maker Visteon has been talking up its own autonomous vehicle platform, DriveCore, since the middle of last year, but now you can finally see the hardware, software and development environment in the company's booth at CES.
New Delhi [India], Jan 4 ( ANI ): BlackBerry and Baidu on Thursday announced that the two companies will collaborate to accelerate the deployment of connected and autonomous vehicle technology for automotive OEMs and suppliers worldwide.
Liebherr's autonomous vehicles can be controlled under an OEM agnostic command system for autonomous vehicles, providing maximum flexibility for their customers.
But for now, the autonomous vehicle pioneers are using it, with our help, as a proving ground for the technology.
The most basic need for an autonomous vehicle is to be able to see and interpret what is happening around it, regardless of road conditions.
Fortunately, modern products liability law is adequately developed to allocate fault for injuries and damages stemming from autonomous vehicle accidents, which will allow litigants to utilize the current law to answer the question of whether an autonomous vehicle is at fault for a collision.
Niazi (Chief Scientific Officer) COMSATS have invented an autonomous vehicle.
Of the four projects, two are in Coventry and Warwickshire as the region seeks to strengthen its position as a global leader developing connected and autonomous vehicle technology.
Related: Autonomous vehicle technology could shrink auto insurance sector by 71%
Meanwhile, several technology vendors have dedicated their R&D efforts towards the autonomous vehicle opportunity.
In demonstrations, Intel is choosing the audience from the general crowd to ride an autonomous vehicle.
Most recently, Michigan has allowed automakers to operate an autonomous vehicle without a human onboard.
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