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an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

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In a marketing survey conducted last summer, 34 percent of turnpike travelers indicated they would like to see automatic teller machines (ATMs) installed on the turnpike.
have entered into an agreement that will enable WaMu to brand 160 cash dispensing Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) in select Walgreens locations in the United States.
On the bank's automatic teller machines, someone had taped signs - which appeared to have been printed on a computer - stating that one was out of order.
Today, technology has transformed the way Windsor Federal Savings serves its customers, and Segars was there to witness it all including the advent of automatic teller machines (ATMs), online and telephone banking, and debit cards.
50 for transactions made on its automatic teller machines.
It makes it easy, fast and secure for individuals and businesses to buy goods and services using automatic teller machines ("ATMs") and point of sale ("POS") terminals, providing them with many of the benefits and services heretofore offered by a prime bank.
3 billion takeover of First Interstate last year created longer lines at many branches as other offices consolidated and incompatible computer systems caused problems at automatic teller machines.
UAS provides a full service ATM program for thousands of automatic teller machines as well as a full range of vaulting services.
The alliance, composed of six banks and a credit union cooperative, pledged not to levy a surcharge when noncustomers use one of their automatic teller machines through a 13-state network of 2,250 terminals, most of them in California.
First Cash Card is a company that provides debit cards to the unbanked and underbanked, making it easy, fast, and secure for individuals and businesses to buy goods and services using automatic teller machines ("ATMs") and point of sale ("POS") terminals.
The Los Angeles Police Department has set up automatic teller machines in five San Fernando Valley stations.
In addition, they give Empire the right to manage all casino-style gaming activities (other than horserace wagering) that may be conducted on the land for seven years, and the right to manage all lawful commercial activities on the land related to gaming - including automatic teller machines, food service, lodging, and retail establishments.
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