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a pistol that will keep firing until the ammunition is gone or the trigger is released

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The robber, armed with an automatic handgun, struck at the walkway between Central Six retail park and Spencer Avenue, in Earlsdon.
He was wearing black wire-rimmed sunglasses and had a silver automatic handgun.
at the store at 5 Medway Road, and the man, armed with an automatic handgun similar to that used by police, fled before police arrived.
SHOPPERS at a convenience store were left terrified when a man produced an automatic handgun as he stood at the counter.
when the suspects, armed with shotguns and an automatic handgun, forced employees and customers to the ground before taking cash from various teller windows and fleeing, police said.
Gardai later stopped a car in the Allenton area and recovered a semi automatic handgun and ammunition.
Diners and staff had an incredible escape when a hooded gunman leapt from a car and fired 12 shots from what was believed to be an automatic handgun.
25-caliber automatic handgun, a 22-caliber rifle, about 80 oxycodone tablets, all at a dose of 30 milligrams, about a pound of marijuana and firearms ammunition.
Airport police confiscated a loaded, 9 mm automatic handgun before booking Cummings on a misdemeanor charge at the Van Nuys jail.
A loaded automatic handgun and an unloaded rifle were found in the apartment, along with 80 Oxycodone tablets, a pound of marijuana, marijuana plants and ammunition.
They were convicted of supplying more than 25kg of heroin in Southall, West London, and possessing an automatic handgun.
She has worn a dark hooded sweat shirt and carried a small, black automatic handgun, police said.
25-caliber automatic handgun was confiscated, along with a .
All the ammunition was for a 9mm semi automatic handgun.
They opened fire with an AK47 and a 9mm automatic handgun as up to 200 people waited for a Country and Western band to take the stage.
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