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a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released

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In the past automatic fire sprinkler systems were only used in commercial building or factories to protect properties or potential business loss.
Overall there were 4,981 false calls from automatic fire alarms across the West Midlands in 2014, down slightly from 5,091 in 2013.
Warwickshire Fire and Rescue said the figures were the result of increased home fire safety checks, working with firms to promote fire safety, and adopting a new automatic fire alarm policy.
The decision was taken to stop 95% of false alarms which are received annually to automatic fire alarms on Merseyside.
It shows just how good the smoke alarm and the automatic fire alarm work.
A crack of automatic fire flew over our heads, forcing us lower.
It was fortunate in this particular incident that an automatic fire alarm was installed in the property and the occupier escaped uninjured.
Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) supports the act , passage of which would provide a federal tax incentive by classifying the installation of automatic fire sprinklers in existing buildings as five-year property for purposes of tax depreciation.
for sponsoring the Nursing Facility Fire Safety Act of 2004, which requires all nursing homes to be equipped or retrofitted with automatic fire sprinkler systems within five years.
They attended the Cooper Standard Factory in Maesteg at 7pm on Tuesday when an automatic fire alarm went off.
The new station will be capable of housing about 10 firefighters and will provide interior and exterior storage, an auxiliary generator, above-ground fuel tank, and automatic fire sprinkler system.
Desert Fire specializes in the installation and maintenance of automatic fire sprinkler systems in Las Vegas and Reno.
There were 156 false calls from automatic fire alarms at Ninewells in 2014-15, making it the most prolific site for false calls in Scotland.
Buildings having more than 100 people or a place where people stay overnight such as hotels, nursing homes, dormitories and hospitals are equipped with automatic fire sprinkler system under local building codes.
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